Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1857

Deep in the black jail.
Lan Qing stayed in her room, feeling very calm.
People at her level, even if they are about to face death, will not behave badly.
The aristocratic temperament is not innate, but is constantly cultivated.
She was still thinking about who the man who came to find her was that day. He said he was going to save herself, but she told her to wait slowly, waiting for the people from Yamaguchi Club to personally send her out.
Isn’t this a fantasy?
If they want to let themselves go so easily, why bother to catch themselves.
How could Lance find someone who speaks such big words to save himself.
She didn’t take it too seriously, because she felt that this was simply unrealistic.
Lan Qing was thinking about it when someone knocked on the door.
Did the food deliverer come?
Is it eel rice again today?
She opened the door, but a few fierce guards caught her eye.
“What are you going to do?”
Lan Qing asked.
She felt a little bad.
“Miss Lan Qing, we are responsible for sending you away.”
Upon hearing this, Lan Qing was shocked, wondering if he had heard it wrong.
“What did you say? Send me away?”
“Yes, the president has an order to ask us to send you away safely. Make no mistake, please follow us.”
Several guards watched Kumada kneel down with their own eyes, and they knew exactly what this command meant.
“Am I right? Take me away?”
Lan Qing’s face was full of disbelief.
“Miss Lan Qing, please leave with us, without further ado.”
Several guards nodded.
After speaking, they opened the door, stood aside, and asked Lan Qing to come out.
Lan Qing still hesitated. I don’t know if these people are joking, or if they want to attack themselves, but there is no need to find such a boring reason.
She walked out of the room, and a few guards followed behind, watching the expressions on their faces, some were cautious, and some were more afraid.
They don’t know what this woman has to do with Jiang Ning, but the woman Jiang Ning can mention is definitely not an ordinary person!
Lan Qing was skeptical and walked straight out of the black prison, no one dared to stop her at all.
Until she walked out of the Shankou community, Lan Qing felt it was like a dream.
What the man said turned out to be true.
The people from Yamaguchi Society really sent her out personally.
“Where are we going now?”
She looked at the guard and asked.
“Eastern Capital’s Zongtang.”
As the guard said, he asked his companions to guard the surroundings carefully, not daring to be careless.
When Lan Qing got into the car, several guards immediately closed the car door and carefully observed the surroundings to ensure that there would be no accidents.
This is their task.
Lan Qing was even more confused. He didn’t know what happened. The people at Yamaguchi Club changed their mind and wanted to leave.
She only knew that Jiang Ning must be related!
The car started and headed towards the main clan hall.
Not far behind, a small black car started slowly and immediately followed.
“Kumada, this guy is really cunning. Where does he want to send Lan Qing?”
Jimmy stared at the car in front, “Mr. Fang Yin, that’s the woman just now.”
“I’ll tell you the truth, there is a page of fist sheet on that woman!”
“As long as you catch her, you can get a page of punch book!”
After speaking, there was a bright light in Fang Yin’s eyes!
He doesn’t care who Lan Qing is or what identity he has, he just doesn’t care if he has Ji Dao Fist.
As long as Lan Qing has a boxing score, he will do it!
It doesn’t matter if you catch Lan Qing, it doesn’t matter if you kill her, as long as you can achieve your goal!
“Hmph, no matter where she is going, in the end, she will fall into my hands!”
Fang Yin stared at the car in front, fiercely.

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