Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1867

The value of Lance’s brothers and sisters is not because of their lives, they are useless when they die.
The men in black suits looked at each other, wondering how Sugita didn’t care about Lance and their lives so much.
Looking at Sugita’s expression, it didn’t seem to be pretending at all, especially the reaction of Lance’s sister and brother, it was more like knowing that Sugita would say such things a long time ago, not surprising at all.
The man in the suit took the lead.
Lance coughed violently, his complexion flushed, and hurriedly pulled Lan Qing, ran to the entrance of the Zongtang, and was about to climb up the stairs.
Sugita snorted coldly, “Did I let you up? Just stand at the door!”
After speaking, sister and brother Lance didn’t dare to move.
“Are you guys going away?”
Sugita looked up, looked at the men in black suits, and squinted his eyes. “Or, do you want to stay too?”
The man in the black suit took a deep look at Sugita, did not say much, and turned around and left.
Sugita yelled, “Bring a word back. From now on, this street, you, and your people, don’t come. Come again, but there will be no chance to go back.”
The man in the black suit didn’t seem to hear him, and he moved faster and left.
Sugita knows who they are, royal people!
It seemed that after the prince knelt, the people of the royal family couldn’t help it, especially the sudden release of Xiong Tian, ​​which made the royal a little impatient and wanted to get Lan Qing.
These guys live and die.
He looked at Sister Lance with an impatient look.
“When death is approaching, do you remember this?”
He seemed to be smiling and not smiling, and the mockery on his face made no concealment, “Isn’t it tough? Back to the family, your Zorro family is so powerful, protecting you is not easy, why do you still need to come to me?”
In the words, there is no such thing as polite.
If it weren’t for Lin Yu’s plea, he really didn’t want to care, it didn’t matter if they died at the door.
Lance lowered his head and said, “Jiangning, he is not angry, right?”
“Of course not angry,”
Sugita hummed, “Only you, are you qualified to make him angry? You’re a shit!”
“Please respect us!”
Lan Qing was so angry that Sugita was so ridiculed.
“Okay, I respect you, let’s go.”
Sugita waved his hand, “Those people are on the street before they have gone far. Go over, and I will save you as a dog.”
Lan Qing was anxious, flushed, and Sugita choked and couldn’t say a word.
Where can they go now?
In the entire Eastern Capital, I am afraid that only here can they survive. As long as they leave, those in black suits will definitely catch them.
“If you put away your aristocratic dignity, your life will not be fast. What kind of dignity you need. If you really want dignity, you will die a little more heroic.
Sugita was really not polite.
“Jiang Ning does not have the same knowledge as you. That is his generosity. You can’t get into his eyes, but I am not that easy to talk!”
“As a human being, you don’t have the least words or beliefs. Return to the nobles, the nobles of the third world, just like you?”
“Shame! Shame!”
He was so relieved of his curse that he blushed at the curse, but he did not dare to refute it. He was annoyed by the curse, and he stomped his feet. He also didn’t even dare to say a word.
She doesn’t want to die!
Sugita scolded endlessly, stepping on clogs shoes, hands on hips, barely holding a trumpet, and swearing at sister Lan Qing.
From beginning to end, I didn’t even breathe.
“I tell you, the most important thing to be a human being is to be credible. If you promise others, you must work hard to do it. If you can’t even do this, who are you?”

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