Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1924

When Reagan returned home, he shut himself up in the study and didn’t come out all day.
He sat there, like a statue, motionless, in the dim light, with a hideous face, looking at some grotesque people.
Huang Yuming’s reaction made him a little angry, but now, he is more unwilling.
He never thought that one day he would be so despised by others.
Still an unknown person!
The Lin Group, the Lin Group, a company that turned out to be such a behemoth in just one year.
At this moment, he completely analyzed all the information that could be seen, only to feel shocked.
This is absolutely impossible, it is what an ordinary company can do.
“Big brother, who is that big brother?”
Reagan couldn’t understand.
Huang Yuming, a person with such a temperament, should be regarded as a giant in his own right, but behind him, there is a big brother?
This made Reagan not only a little creepy!
He underestimated the Lin family, completely underestimated the Lin family’s strength.
The choices and decisions made at the beginning fell into Huang Yuming’s trap, and into Lin’s trap.
Now that the Lin family is pressing on the Zorro family step by step in business, this is just the beginning. Reagan believes that since the Lin family wants everything and everything, then they definitely don’t just do this. .
“It’s really hard to handle.”
Reagan tapped his fingers on the desktop, struggling and hesitating several times in his eyes.
After a long time, he slammed his fist on the table, shaking the water glass suddenly.
“I need chips.”
As soon as the voice fell, a voice came from the darkness.
“Do you want to take out another page.”
Reagan nodded, “I need this bargaining chip. I am afraid I can’t find the last page. Once the people from the East intervene, it will be the same as the rumors. It is not our turn to participate.
The expression on his face became more and more solemn.
He didn’t know what Lin wanted in business, but he faintly felt that there must be someone who had an extreme desire for Ji Dao Boxing!
Just like that Fang Yin!
The man who followed Jimmy to the Zorro family back then, the Eastern man, must be in his hands.
Afterwards, Reagan made an investigation before confirming the matter.
He knew better, how strong the one called Fang Yin was.
“Okay, I’ll do it.”
In the dark, the voice remained low.
“This time, I will go by myself.”
Regan shook his head, “The cemetery code is with me, so I should go by myself.”
In the darkness, there was no response.
Reagan got up, walked to the window, opened the curtain, and looked at the dark starry sky outside, occasionally there were stars, not bright enough, but enough to see.
He didn’t say anything, his eyes changed several times, and he turned around and went out without a bodyguard.
Reagan drove himself to the cemetery.
He didn’t drive fast, he was still thinking about things all the way, and he seemed a little absent-minded.
When he arrived at the cemetery, Reagan stopped the car and opened the trunk. There were some tools behind and dust on it. Obviously, these tools were used before.
“You are here again.”
Behind him, a voice suddenly came.
Reagan didn’t even turn his head, as he sorted out his tools: “I must come.”
“This kind of thing has been done time and time again, aren’t you afraid of retribution?”
“We in the West don’t have such a saying.”
Reagan carried the sack on his body and held the shovel in one hand. He turned his head and glanced at the tomb keeper with disheveled hair. “In our eyes, there is only interest.”
“There are no gods or demons, only money and status.”
After speaking, he seemed to have never seen the guardian of the cemetery. He didn’t treat him as a matter at all and turned around and entered the cemetery.

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