Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1956

As soon as the voice fell, a gust of wind came.
Regan hadn’t reacted yet, there was a person standing in the hall.
He has seen it!
When Jimmy brought Fang Yin, he met this man.
How could he come?
Just as Regan was about to speak, Mr. Hei waved his hand to signal him not to speak. Regan immediately shut his mouth, afraid to make a sound.
“Your Excellency is following us at Zhongnan Mountain. It seems that what you want is here.”
Mr. Hei glanced at Fang Yin.
Fang Yin was not polite at all and snorted softly.
“What you want is with me.”
This is the bargaining chip, straight to the point, everyone has what each other wants, and it seems that if they don’t agree, they have to do it.
He looked at Mr. Hei, knowing that the person talking here was Mr. Hei, and said directly: “You left me the guardian of the tomb. It’s your sincerity, but it’s a pity that you got listed first.
Mr. Black laughed.
“Then what do you mean by coming today?”
“You and I join hands!”
Fang Yin said directly.
“Joining hands? What about your sincerity.”
Mr. Black shook his head.
“I gave my sincerity, but you did not seem to show any sincerity, nor did you see what bargaining chip you have. Did you say that page of boxing score? I don’t care.”
He spoke casually.
It seems that even if one more page of Ji Dao fist score is added, it doesn’t make much sense to him.
He already owns one page, that’s enough.
Fang Yin squinted his eyes, his heart suddenly moved, and he seemed to react instantly.
It seemed that, as it was written in the manuscript, even if there was only one page in the Ji Dao Boxing Book, they were already eligible to enter the gate.
“It seems that there is no chance for cooperation.”
He snorted.
“It’s also a chance.”
Mr. Hei said, “I know what you want, but there is a price to pay if you want to get it.”
The eyes of the two people are facing each other, as if there are two electric lights bursting in the air, instantly impacting together, giving out a terrible breath!
Reagan, who was sitting there, didn’t even dare to breathe.
He thinks that he has experienced enough in his entire life, even if he has seen it in big storms, but in front of these two people, he feels that he is extremely small!
He even dared not even breathe loudly.
worrying and nervous!
The air seemed to become thin all of a sudden, making people depressed and suffocating uncomfortably.
“What’s the price?”
Fang Yin shouted.
He stared at Mr. Black with cold eyes.
“I want you to kill someone!”
Mr. Black’s voice is even more indifferent.
After he finished speaking, Fang Yin’s eyelids couldn’t help but jump: “Who?”
Mr. Hei didn’t answer directly, but the eyes under the mask looked frightening, like an abyss, and he fell into it instantly after a glance.
It seems to have suddenly fallen from a cliff high!
Even a powerful person like Fang Yin couldn’t help but feel a chill in his backbone.
That look is not like a normal person at all!
“When you know it, you will naturally know.”
Mr. Hei said, “You only need to know one thing now. You are not qualified to cooperate with me, but you can choose and surrender me.”
He said it lightly.
In the past, Fang Yin might just do it right away. He would not allow someone to talk to him like this.
But at this moment, he didn’t even have the slightest idea of ​​rebuttal!
That kind of faint pressure came from all directions, and it was even more terrifying than when I faced Jiang Ning!
Fang Yin gritted his teeth and nodded, somewhat unwilling, but still made a choice.
In the hall, the atmosphere became a little weird.

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