Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1957

Regan didn’t dare to speak, but just looked at Fang Yin, who was still a little strong just now, but at this moment, he seemed to be suddenly removed from his hostility, and he was a little more in awe of Mr. Hei.
Reagan could feel this subtle change, but he couldn’t explain it clearly.
Mr. Black wants Fang Yin to kill whom?
With Fang Yin’s strength, I’m afraid it can’t be done.
That broken arm… is so obvious that even Reagan can guess that it was interrupted by Jiangning.
After all, Mr. Hei deliberately left the guards of the tomb to lead Fang Yin.
Suddenly, his body trembled, and he seemed to fall into the ice cellar all at once. The feeling that he was not even a pawn in other people’s chess games made Reagan felt more and more fearful.
Not speaking, just listening to the command line is probably his best choice.
At that time.
East China Sea!
Lin Yu really stayed at home and was about to fall ill.
My belly grew bigger day by day, and after five months, I became a little bit pregnant, and I could see the slightly bulging belly.
She stood in the yard, bathed in the morning sun, to promote the absorption of calcium in the body.
Everything we do now is for the children.
“Jiang Ning is still like Lao Zhao?”
Lin Yu really pouted, “What can I do for a day or two without going home.”
She hopes that Jiang Ning will be busy with her own affairs and not pay too much attention to herself. After all, she is an adult and knows how to take care of herself, but on the other hand, she also hopes to see Jiang Ning at any time.
Because, as long as she sees Jiang Ning, she feels safe.
“Girl, that kid is very busy,”
Ye Shan smiled and said, “Come and see the two of us play chess. This can still train our children.”
“This is considered prenatal education?”
Lin Yu really smiled.
She walked over to watch Tan Xing and Ye Shan play chess.
During this time, these two old guys stayed at Lin’s house and didn’t go anywhere.
Jiang Ning is not in the East China Sea, Lin Yu is really safe, and naturally it will fall on them, especially the child in Lin Yuzhen’s stomach, that is Jiang Ning’s child.
“Walking horses, walking horses,”
Lin Yuzhen said while watching, “It’s the right thing to walk around.”
“Who said this?”
Tan Xing retorted, “Don’t you just fall into Lao Ye’s job if you walk the horse?”
“Baby said it.”
Lin Yu really blinked his eyes and said.
“The baby said?”
Tan Xing was taken aback, and immediately picked up the horse and jumped forward, “That’s definitely right!”
When the two were playing chess, Lin Yu really sat and watched, discussing with them from time to time.
Soon, someone walked in quickly and said a few words in Tan Xing’s ear.
Tan Xing’s eyes changed slightly, and he raised his head and met Ye Shan’s eyes.
“Girl, you go home and rest, get down here first.”
Tan Xingdao.
Lin Yu really nodded her head obediently. She knew that she was the best to be obedient now.
She turned around and entered the house.
On the stone table, the expression on Tan Xing’s face became a little serious.
“Jiangning guessed right, and sure enough, someone is still looking at the East China Sea.”
“Who is the target?”
Ye Shan frowned.
The two looked at each other, turned their heads at the same time, and looked in the direction of Lin’s villa. Lin Yuzhen who had just walked in was only her.
“Do you want to inform Jiang Ning to come back?”
The two dare not care about it, because it is about the safety of Lin Yuzhen and the children, and neither dare to be careless.
The news that Jiang Ning is not in the East China Sea has not spread, but some people are still coming. This shows that the people who came may not care about Jiang Ning’s presence. If they want to do it, they will do their best!
Tan Xing immediately made arrangements to mobilize all the masters in the Jidao martial arts gym.
The news reached Jiang Ningna for the first time.
The sky in the East China Sea seemed to darken, as if a violent storm was about to come.
That kind of turbulent and undercurrent surging is depressing and particularly uncomfortable!

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