Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2020

Liu Fang’s speed is extremely fast, as fast as lightning!
“so fast!”
“Senior Brother Liu Fang, this really doesn’t give the third lady face.”
“Miss San today is going to lose again, hey.”
Everyone off the court couldn’t help saying.
They were not really sympathetic, and there was some gloating in their tone.
No one can see that others are better than themselves, especially like Liu Qing, who just occupies people who are adopted by the suzerain, so why do they have better resources than them?
If you don’t know each other, you won’t be jealous, but if you’re around you, jealousy will make you crazy.
Only Jiang Ning is still calm and composed.
The tea cup placed in front of him exudes a scent of tea.
On the field!
Between the lightning and flint, Liu Fang had already arrived in front of Liu Qing, with this long fist, directly hitting Liu Qing’s shoulder.
As for the surrounding area, Liu Fang had long been locked up, no matter how Liu Qing hid, he couldn’t escape this punch!
“excuse me!”
At the moment when he was close, Liu Fang suddenly accelerated!
The people around were stunned, Liu Fang turned out to be…so cruel?
He obviously didn’t want to give Liu Qing a chance!
Everyone has almost seen Liu Qing’s defeat by Liu Fang and directly hit the ring…
At the moment when he was close, Liu Fang’s fist almost fell on Liu Qing’s shoulder, and Liu Qing suddenly moved!
She just moved her shoulders, and a slight movement made Liu Fang’s fist empty.
Extremely dexterous!
Liu Fang was shocked, not knowing what happened, how…how could he avoid it?
Liu Qing’s feet didn’t move at all, just a lightly shake of his shoulders, and he avoided his fists?
This… this is impossible!
Before Liu Fang could react, Liu Qing’s hand moved, suddenly rising from the waist, a burst uppercut, fast and accurate, directly hit Liu Fang’s chin, by surprise!
Great momentum!
It’s like a violent lion, putting his long-suppressed anger on this punch.
Hearing a scream, Liu Fang flew out, turned a few times in the air, and hit the ground heavily.
His jaw was crooked, his bones were directly broken, and blood splashed out from the corners of his mouth.
The audience is silent!
Deadly silent.
They opened their mouths wide, and some even rubbed their eyes, not believing what had just happened before their eyes.
That…is it an illusion?
Liu Fang was defeated?
He must have been defeated. He was lying there now, except for the corners of his mouth, his body was still twitching, he couldn’t even scream, his entire face was almost distorted.
Senior Brother Luo was also shocked. They were very clear about Liu Fang’s strength. Apart from them, no one could beat him so easily.
Liu Qing…how did he make such a big improvement suddenly.
The dodge just now was full of dexterity and spirituality. Thinking back carefully at this moment, a little bit of detail makes people excited.
Zhang Heng was also surprised, and a little bit unbelievable. The one that Liu Qing just dodged, I am afraid he could not do it!
In his eyes, there was a flash of suspicion, but it was quickly denied. It is impossible. How could it be possible to improve so much in such a short period of time, even Yanagawa could not do it.
Could it be him?
Zhang Heng’s eyes turned to Jiang Ning who was sitting there.
He watched Jiang Ning calmly drinking tea, frowning slightly, from beginning to end, he didn’t pay attention to Jiang Ning, let alone take him to heart, even if Guan Shi told him that Jiang Ning might be the son-in-law appointed by the sovereign.
At this moment, I am afraid I really underestimated Jiang Ning.
But Jiang Ning is too young, and he is not a member of the Qingshan Sect, then who is he?

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