Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2075

“Isn’t his sin greater than ours?”
Hearing the words, Jiang Ning glanced at him, showing a scornful smile, not even interested in explaining a word.
Yanagawa shook his head even more.
Soon, what happened.
He had been waiting outside.
These two boys are really not afraid of making things big, or they should teach them a lesson, otherwise, how can they grow up.
“Bigger of trespassing in the precepts hall, what is the crime?”
Yanagawa asked what to do.
“Assent criminals for thirty years.”
He is serious about things.
His words caused Liu Zong and Liu Heng to sink their hearts to the bottom.
Thirty years of assigning criminals?
Wouldn’t it be ruined in this life?
Thirty years!
“However, they did not cause any bad consequences. I hope that the suzerain can take it lightly.
He Guanshi glanced at the two of them and said deliberately.
When He Guanshi interceded themselves, Liu Heng and Liuzong nodded gratefully.
“Stop lightly?”
Yanagawa sneered.
“I can only focus on it!”
“I really want to kill you directly!”
Liu Chuandao raised his hand, his palms were trembling, and the indisputable look made both Liu Zong and Liu Heng tremble.
That kind of disappointment is something they have never seen in their entire lives.
Yanagawa was so disappointed with the two of them.
“You are my son, but you, instead of taking on the responsibility of the Green Mountain Sect, but always thinking of your own interests, your structure is so small, and the future of the Green Mountain Sect cannot be entrusted to you. ”
“And now, what kind of crisis the Qingshan Sect is facing, you don’t know, and you naively think that you can have a chance by lowering your eyebrows and flattering your eyes. You are so naive!
Yanagawa was furious, “If you are not my children, I don’t think it matters, but you are my children!”
He wanted to slap it over.
Liu Zong and Liu Heng, who did not say a word, were criticized like this in public, and they had long been exhausted.
“You think Jiang Ning is making a mistake, you can only see this,”
Yanagawa sighed, “What can this point of view be?”
He glanced at Jiang Ning, but Jiang Ning didn’t look at him.
He didn’t want to be involved in the affairs between them. The Green Mountain Sect had to change, and Liu Chuan Dao was the key. These two boys were even more important, but this time, it was not the time for him to speak.
Jiang Ning knew very well in his heart, these two boys, I’m afraid they hate themselves to death.
“I will punish you now and distribute the criminals for fifty years.”
Yanagawa Road said indifferently.
These words, like a bolt from the blue sky, instantly shook both Liu Zong and Liu Heng to the numb and cold body!
Fifty years?
I’m afraid they will still be criminals to death!
Both shouted.
“Deprive you of everything, even your identity,”
Yanagawa looked at them, “You are not worthy of being my sons.”
After he finished speaking, he didn’t say a word any more, turned around and went into the study, leaving Liu Zong and Liu Heng behind with expressionless faces, not even a trace of blood.
The two yelled.
But the door of the study was closed tightly, so Yanagawa could not hear it.
“It’s all because of you!”
Liu Zong flicked, rushed directly to Jiang Ning, slammed his fist.
Anyway, I’m going to be regarded as a criminal, even if I die here, what does it matter?
He went crazy and slammed his fist at Jiang Ning.
But it was overturned by Jiang Ning’s slap.
“Follow me, you are not worthy.”
Jiang Ning looked at Liu Zong who had fallen on the ground, “Think about it, you are really useless in this life.”
After speaking, he shook his head and left, leaving Liu Zong and Liu Heng with red eyes, unable to even cry.

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