Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2076

To be assigned as criminals, and it will last for decades, their entire life is equivalent to being completely abolished.
“Father! Father!”
Liu Hengda was crying, not daring to accept such a result.
They just made mistakes. They could not be forgiven before, and if they were not given a chance, why didn’t it work this time?
He knelt and walked to rush into the study, but he stopped them directly.
“No matter how you do this, I’m afraid the Sect Master will not be able to save you.”
Liu Zong gritted his teeth: “Is he saving us?”
“He is going to destroy us!”
Guan Shi’s face sank.
“It is you who ruined you!”
He was not at all polite, “As the sons of the suzerain, what have you shared for the suzerain?”
“In addition to intrigue, what else did you do for your own personal gain, forming a party for private purposes? Do you think the suzerain doesn’t know!”
“Those crimes are truly capital crimes, and you must be killed in public!”
His words, like a bolt from the blue, slammed on the heads of two people.
Let them wake up instantly.
It’s not that Yanagawa didn’t know, but was completely disappointed in them, and didn’t want to care at all.
And they actually thought that they were doing very secretly and doing very well.
Guan Shi stretched out his hand and helped up the two guys who were already stunned, “Sect Master’s good intentions, you don’t understand it now, you will know it later.”
“Now, assigning you to be criminals and staying away from the Green Mountain Sect is the best protection for you.”
After speaking, he waved his hand, not wanting to say: “Let’s go, I will take you there myself.”
Both Liu Zong and Liu Heng trembled.
The best protection for them?
“What do you mean, you mean, the Qingshan Sect is about to face difficulties?”
If you offend the Tianlianzong, you must bear the anger of the Tianlianzong. If the two sects go to war, the Qingshanzong will not have a single blow!
Liu Chuandao wanted to protect them, so he deliberately asked Jiang Ning to take action, to force them to make mistakes, and then assign them criminals to leave the Qingshan Sect?
“Let’s go!”
Guan Shi didn’t want to say more, urging the two to leave, and it made them feel guilty.
Yanagawa is not going to destroy them, but to protect them?
And what are they…what are they doing!
“What matters, let us see my father! Let us see him!”
Liu Heng roared.
“We can’t leave! We can’t leave at this time!”
“Qingshan Sect is in trouble, how can we hide?”
Liu Zong refused to go, he refused to go to death, holding the hand of He in charge, “Let’s see father, I’ll beg him!”
“I’m going to die, I’m going to die in the Green Mountain Sect, I’m not going anywhere!”
“Come on!”
Regardless of the number of things, he roared, and a dozen guards rushed over, “Send two to the criminal domain.”
A dozen guards were not polite, and directly took Liu Zong and Liu Heng away.
He Guanshi listened to the shouts of the two of them, as long as they had not heard.
“It’s still saved.”
He sighed, turned and went into the study.
In the study, Jiang Ning was sitting there, drinking tea leisurely, while Yanagawa had a complicated expression.
Obviously, he is equally ashamed of his two children.
It was the fault of his father who failed to teach them well.
Up to now, they need to use this method to sharpen them. Maybe it’s worth it to succeed, but what about failure?
It is tantamount to ruining the future of the Green Mountain Sect!
“Already sent away.”
Guan Shi glanced at the two people.
“Looking at them, they are still saved, don’t you give them a chance?”
Liu Chuandao did not speak, and turned to look at Jiang Ning.
“No hurries.”
Jiang Ning said lightly, “How can you become a talent without grind your temper.”
“How long will it take?”
Guan Shi asked.

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