Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2102

“I miss you too.”
Jiang Ning rubbed Lin Yu’s real hair, not daring to think about how he got through the past.
He never showed his loss and sadness, because he is a man, and even the backbone of this family.
If he can’t hold on, it’s really over.
Jiang Ning knew this very well.
At this moment, Lin Yu really woke up, and she was still the familiar one, which made Jiang Ning feel that this world had come to life in an instant.
He has always understood that Lin Yu is really his whole world.
The two didn’t say much, they just hugged so tightly.
As if in this warm embrace, there is enough sense of security.
After a long time, Lin Yuzhen’s stomach groaned suddenly.
She couldn’t help but become popular.
Jiangning’s eyes widened suddenly, “You can’t be hungry! Neither of you mothers can be hungry!”
He got up hurriedly and carefully supported Lin Yuzhen to lie down.
“You lie down first, and I will ask the doctor to come up and examine you, then, what do you want to eat?”
Jiang Ning asked in one breath, speaking quickly.
“If you want to eat what Mom made, you can do anything.”
Lin Yu nodded so nicely.
Jiang Ning immediately turned around and went out. As soon as he opened the door, Su Mei and others outside the door couldn’t wait long ago.
“Woke up?”
Su Mei asked with red eyes.
“Wake up, now a little hungry, Mom, cook something she loves.”
“Eh! Eh!”
Su Mei ignored the others, stretched her head and glanced in, then turned back downstairs and got into the kitchen.
Jiang Ning immediately asked several expert doctors who had been waiting to come into the room to give Lin Yuzhen a thorough examination, to see her condition, as well as the child in his stomach, what was happening now.
Even though he has gone through ups and downs, and don’t even know how many times he has survived, Jiangning is still a little nervous.
After a full half an hour, several doctors came out.
“Mr. Jiang, Ms. Lin’s physical condition is okay, and everything is normal for the child in her belly. You can rest assured.”
“Thank you.”
Jiang Ning finally breathed a sigh of relief.
He walked into the room, Lin Yu really lay there, a little uncontrollable.
“I think of getting up and walking.”
“The doctor said, you’d better lie down for a while.”
Jiang Ning said softly, “After a while, I will walk with you.”
Lin Yu really nodded.
Soon, Su Mei went upstairs with the cooked things, and the fragrance diffused.
Lin Yuzhen’s mother made Su Mei’s tears even harder to hold back. He used to hold Lin Yuzhen and cried like a tearful person.
“Just wake up, I’m scared to death.”
Su Mei rubbed her eyes, “Eat quickly, it won’t taste good when it’s cold.”
It’s a good thing for Lin Yuzhen to wake up, she can’t cry, she must wipe off the tears immediately.
Seeing Lin Yu really eat one bite at a time, everyone was completely relieved.
Jiang Ning didn’t say a word, just sat there, watching quietly, as if he couldn’t get tired of looking at it, until Lin Yuzhen finished the last soup base, he took a paper towel and gently wiped her. mouth.
“Are you full?”
“Well, I’m full.”
Lin Yuzhen stretched out his hand and gently stroked his stomach, “He is also full.”
Fortunately, this long nightmare passed, and everything returned to normal.
After taking a short rest, Jiang Ning helped Lin Yu really get out of bed. He went downstairs for the first time and walked into the courtyard for the first time. It was hard to believe that he had not seen the sun for so long. one thing.
Ye Shan and others are here.
Knowing that Jiang Ning was back, they knew that Lin Yu would really wake up, Jiang Ning went deep into the mountain gate to bring back the antidote.
Obviously, he succeeded.

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