Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2105

Lin Yuzhen covered her mouth and giggled.
Of course she knows that Jiang Ning is excellent. No matter where she goes, she is very attractive. It is normal for other girls to like him.
“Well, I believe you.”
Lin Yu really leaned in Jiang Ning’s arms and slowly closed his eyes.
“Husband, I’m tired.”
“Go to sleep.”
Jiang Ning gently hugged her and let Lin Yu really fall asleep in his arms. When she was asleep, he gently put her down, covered the quilt, and walked out of the room gently.
Downstairs, Su Mei has cooked many dishes, which Jiangning usually likes.
After taking care of Lin Yuzhen, Jiang Ning could not be missing.
“All you love to eat,”
Su Mei said, “If there is anything else you want to eat, tell mom, I will cook them all for you.”
She didn’t know how much Jiang Ning had suffered outside, how many sins he had suffered, and what kind of dangers she had experienced before bringing the antidote back.
She couldn’t help Jiang Ning’s other things. She could only do her best to prepare every dish so that Jiang Ning could relax completely and rest well.
“Thank you mom, these will be fine.”
Jiang Ning smiled, not polite, picked up the bowl and feasted on it.
He is really greedy.
There is nothing left of the dishes at the table.
After eating, Jiang Ning took a bath in comfort and completely relaxed. When Lin Yu really woke up, he went for a walk together and went home to watch a movie.
Everything seems to return to normal life, which is also Jiang Ning’s favorite rhythm of life.
On the sofa, two people are cuddling each other, and the story is playing on the TV screen, but the two people’s thoughts are not on the TV.
Lin Yuzhen played with Jiang Ning’s fingers, gently stroking every joint and every skin, his fingers clasped tightly, and he couldn’t bear to let go.
“Will you leave tomorrow?”
“When are you coming back?”
“My child and I will miss you.”
Jiang Ning didn’t answer any more, he gently held Lin Yuzhen’s waist, rubbed his chin on her head, and rubbed her hair.
He wanted to remember the faint fragrance, which was his longing for home.
at the same time!
Within the gate!
The Green Mountain Sect has been surrounded by a tense atmosphere.
“Jiangning ran away?”
“He ran away? He left everyone and ran away?”
“How could he run away, asshole!”
Many people were angry when they learned that Jiang Ning was no longer there.
Because of Jiang Ning, they decided to unite and fight to the end with the people of Tianlianzong, but now, Tianlianzong is coming soon, but Jiang Ning is missing.
How could he leave everyone alone and leave alone?
“He is not such a person.”
The great elder only has this sentence.
He glanced at Yanagawa, his face serious, “How, how is the situation?”
“I didn’t expect it,”
Yanagawa is dressed in battle armor, “The Tianlianzong has united several sects, and they want to join hands to besiege our Qingshanzong.”
This is unexpected.
If it was only the Tianlian Sect, even if the Qingshan Sect was insufficient in strength, it was not without the power of a battle.
But now, judging from the news he got, there are six sects teaming up!
This is tantamount to destroying the Green Mountain Sect directly!
Yanagawa didn’t know who initiated the joint siege, whether it was Tianlianzong or not, it didn’t matter anymore.
“This is a fight to the death.”
He looked at the elders with a complicated expression on his face, “Everyone, it’s up to everyone to live or die in the Qingshan Sect!”
The face of every elder carried a certainty that was mortal.
The Qingshan Sect faces the encirclement and suppression of the six major sects alone, might the sects still have a chance to survive?
Not to mention the gap in the master’s hands, even the number of disciples participating in the battle, the Green Mountain Sect is far less than the enemy, how to fight this? There is no way to fight at all.
Want to win, this is simply a dream!

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