Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2113

His arms were shaking, and a sharp pain came.
The bone was directly broken!
“who are you?”
He looked at Jiang Ning warily. He had never heard of such a person in the Qingshan Sect.
Among the younger generation, there is a bit of strength, and they all have a list. Among the front hall disciples, it is even more unlikely that there is such a guy who can fight against him.
Jiang Ning ignored him and turned to look at the captain of the guard: “You can’t die, right?”
“Can’t die!”
The captain of the guard said excitedly, “I know that Big Brother will definitely not leave, Big Brother Jiang will definitely come back!”
Jiang Ning smiled and nodded.
“That’s natural, how can I let you fight alone.”
The head guard had red eyes and laughed loudly: “Okay! Leave it to Brother Jiang here, I’ll help the brothers!”
A lot of people were chasing other guards just now, and he was a little worried.
“No, someone has gone.”
Jiang Ning said, “Just stand there and watch me kill him.”
Too domineering!
Li Guang listened, but sneered, killing himself?
Within this mountain gate, few people dared to say that, killing oneself is like killing a chicken.
“Boy, too arrogant, there is a price to pay!”
Li Guang said angrily.
Jiang Ning still ignored him, just turned his head, and gradually a cold murderous aura appeared.
The aura on his body is constantly changing and rising!
Jiangning takes a step!
Taking the first step, Li Guang’s face sank.
In the second step, the ground seemed to tremble, and Li Guang’s face became even more dim.
In the third step, Li Guang suddenly felt that his heartbeat seemed to suddenly change the rhythm.
Actually, it jumped with Jiang Ning’s footsteps!
This… how is this possible?
The moment he lost his mind, Jiang Ning moved, as if he was changing his shape, and he went directly to Li Guang.
Jiang Ning’s voice blasted in his ears, “Follow me, do you dare to distract yourself?”
“This is looking down on me.”
As soon as the voice fell, Jiang Ning’s fist suddenly smashed over, as fast as electricity!
Li Guang reacted, but as soon as his fist was raised, Jiang Ning’s fist suddenly sank and hit his stomach.
From Li Guang’s mouth, blood spurted out, his face flushed instantly!
Why… How could it suddenly change?
He obviously reacted!
What kind of boxing is this!
Jiang Ning clasped Li Guang’s shoulder with one hand, quickly pulled the other hand, and smashed it again. There was nothing extra, just a simple punch, the most primitive punch, but it was powerful!
Li Guang only felt that a few bones in his chest were broken instantly.
This is the power of pure flesh!
Li Guang waved his hand to counterattack, shaking away Jiang Ning’s hand, which could be clasped on his shoulder, like a pliers. As soon as Jiang Ning applied force, his shoulder blade cracked!
He couldn’t help screaming.
This kind of abrupt pain made him almost faint.
“who are you!”
Li Guang’s body twitched. He was not too young. He was smashed by Jiang Ning’s two punches and his body was weakened and he almost couldn’t stand steady.
He squinted his eyes and took a deep breath, but his body twitched, but he was completely out of control, “Qingshan Sect… Qingshan Sect does not have a person like you!”
“Not before.”
Jiang Ning laughed, “But now there is.”
He slowly let go of his hand, and Li Guang immediately backed up a few steps. One hand was broken, and the shoulder bones of the other hand were pinched and cracked. His hands were unusable, almost waste!
“Protect the elders!”
Several disciples of the Black Wind Sect rushed up immediately, protected Li Guang, and looked at Jiang Ning vigilantly.
“not enough.”
Jiang Ning shook his head, “A few more.”

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