Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2119

“Kill him!”
Luo Long was anxious.
When is it all, they are still trying to save face, don’t they know that Jiang Ning never thought about giving them face?
The great elder standing at the back was so shocked that he almost couldn’t stand firmly, and he hurriedly supported with a spear.
“This kid…”
He saw Jiang Ning make a move with his own eyes, and the punch was made, and the air was distorted, “It is so powerful.”
He knew that Jiang Ning had an extraordinary background, but in his cognition, no one could reach this state at this age.
Even if it is him, he is considered a genius once encountered in the Qingshan School for decades. He has been bathing in the martial arts for decades before touching the threshold. But what about Jiangning?
Even in his heyday, he shouldn’t be Jiang Ning’s opponent.
The Grand Elder shouted, “I’m tired, you guard this mountain gate!”
Jiang Ning turned his head, glanced at the elder, nodded, and said, “Come on, come to the elder for tea!”
This is simply a humiliation to other sects!
At such a critical juncture, even in a life-and-death situation, Jiang Ning actually has tea?
What he meant was that the great elder only needs to sit there, drink tea and watch the fun.
Jiangning can defend this gate of the Green Mountain Sect!
The terrible breath broke out!
Jiang Ning stood there, like a god like a devil, and domineering, making the faces of several elders more and more ugly.
Li Gao struggled to get up, clutching his chest, painful, and even talking, made him sweat.
“He… not easy… watch out his fists!”
He gritted his teeth and wanted to do it again, but he knew that Jiang Ning had already given him a chance with the punch just now, otherwise, he would just need to be an inch away to smash his heart directly!
What kind of boxing is this?
He had never seen him before. At the moment of contact, Li Gao clearly felt that a punch of punch penetrated in and deliberately avoided the heart. Although he still suffered internal injuries, he did not kill him.
Li Gao was in a complicated mood and wanted to do it again. First, he couldn’t do it. Second, he didn’t know why Jiang Ning would let him live.
“Young man, you are killing yourself.”
The elder Buddha put his hands together, “You have to pay the price for such sins.”
Jiang Ning didn’t talk nonsense at all. He rushed forward with a little bit of his feet, his eyes fixed on the elder Buddha Zong and punched out.
The elder Buddhism frowned, and immediately took two steps back, and at the same time yelled: “Nie barrier, seek your own death!”
The two slammed into each other, their fists touched like steel, deafening!
“What a hard fist!”
Elder Buddhism’s eyes shrank, full of horror, his diamond circle, strong to strong, within this mountain gate, is considered the most domineering style of boxing, but Jiang Ning seems to be deliberately looking for himself to fight against, wanting to compare himself .
“Kill him, let’s go together!”
Luo Long didn’t care about this, he only knew that if Jiang Ning was not dead, this Qingshan Sect could not be destroyed.
Regardless of the injury on his hand, he drew out his spear and rushed forward again. The cold eyes were full of murderous intent, “Kill!”
As soon as the voice fell, the other elders, except for Li Gao unable to fight anymore, rushed over.
At this time, no one dares to be big or to underestimate Jiang Ning. If they don’t join forces, they will probably die here today!
In an instant, the five elders besieged and killed Jiangning!
Li Gao was shocked to see!
The great elder is even more anxious and worried. Although Jiangning is strong, it is after all the five elders teaming up, and the five sects are unique!
“Jiangning, be careful!”
The elder sighed. He didn’t expect that Qingshan Sect would one day need an outsider, Jiangning, to guard him desperately.

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