Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2134

Rocky roared, and the atmosphere suddenly became tense.
Liu Zong Liu Heng’s heart was tense, worried that their next sentence would be to do something, then the three of them might have to die here today!
But Jiang Ning was very calm and even laughed.
“What’s the point when I play with you?”
“Will you come here to play you? So you can kill me?”
He looked at Rocky, and said bluntly, “I think, someone who can become the master of each sect, at least there won’t be any problems here.”
He stretched out his finger and pointed to his head.
Rocky’s face suddenly became a little ugly.
“Either take the future of the sect to your heart, or take the life of the disciple in your heart, or else, just yelling?”
Jiang Ning’s words were like deliberately targeting Rocky, without mercy.
“You Sect Master, didn’t you buy it with money?”
“what did you say!”
Rocky was furious, his face flushed, fingers Jiang Ning, furious, “find death!”
But the more angry he was, the calmer Jiang Ning became.
In the eyes of outsiders, Rocky was immediately at a disadvantage with this sharp contrast.
Rocky reacted suddenly, his face flushed, snorted, and immediately sat down.
“You want to anger me?”
Jiang Ning smiled without answering.
He turned his head, glanced around, his gaze suddenly stopped, and fell on the face of Mr. Lang, who was sitting on the side and did not speak from beginning to end.
That face is too popular, even if you look at it carefully, it’s hard to remember.
If you see it in the vast crowd, you will never remember it.
At this moment, Mr. Lang also raised his head and looked at Jiang Ning. The two of them faced each other. Mr. Lang smiled slightly and nodded, which was regarded as a greeting.
Jiang Ning also nodded. The two of them were like old friends who hadn’t seen each other in years.
“I have no reason to fool you. I just want to stop fighting and continue fighting. More and more people will die. I think, isn’t this what everyone wants to see?”
Jiang Ning said, “I can solve the gray mist. If I can’t, the Qingshan Sect will eventually be destroyed and cannot escape the fate, right?”
Everyone frowned and thought.
Indeed, the root of the problem is the gray mist. If the gray mist can be resolved, it is naturally the best.
The temptation outside the gate is also accompanied by the unknown, and the unknown always makes people feel scared.
At least, when they think about it, the purpose of Qingshanzong’s existence is to prevent others from leaving the mountain gate. There must be a reason, not because the outside is too dangerous, or because they shouldn’t go out.
Here, no one is a fool, they are all years old, so they don’t understand this truth.
“How do we believe you?”
Li Xuan looked at Jiang Ning coldly, “You just killed the elder of my sect! Are you letting me believe you now?”
He wouldn’t forget this. Hearing Jiang Ning’s words, he just assumed that nothing happened!
“You should thank my men for being merciful, otherwise, you will have to lose several elders.”
Jiang Ning is incomparably strong, staring at Li Xuan, “If you continue to fight, even your Sect Master will not survive.”
Domineering and scary!
Liu Zong Liu Heng was shocked.
Jiang Ning dare to say such things at this time?
He is… so fucking domineering!
Li Xuan was trembling with anger when Jiang Ning said this, but he didn’t know how to refute it. Of course he knew that if Jiangning didn’t have Liu Qing, Li Guang would have to die, where could he get back?
Li Guang, who was sitting on the side, flushed slightly, clenched his fists, but couldn’t say anything.
Jiang Ning was indeed merciful, otherwise, he would have died long ago.
Li Xuan was trembling with anger, his own person was killed, he still wants to thank Jiang Ning?
What the hell is this?

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