Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2142

He remembered listening to Master Zen’s instructions and left immediately, even if Master Listening Zen died!
He just didn’t expect that all this turned out to be true, and it came so quickly.
King Kong!
Master Ting Zen was beaten to death by the Buddha’s unique skill King Kong.
This makes Elder Tingfeng very uncomfortable.
In his heart, the first thing he thought of was Jiang Ning, who could have such a powerful strength and used King Kong Quan to kill Master Ting Zen, who else could be besides him?
But the Zen master has reminded himself to pay attention to Mr. Lang and always beware of Mr. Lang.
Who the hell is it?
He didn’t think much about it. It is not suitable to stay here for a long time. He immediately returned to Buddhism with the body of Master Ting Zen.
And the news spread quickly.
Master Listening Zen is dead.
Not long after leaving the camp, he was killed, and he died of Diamond Fist!
“it’s him!”
“Who else will it be besides Jiangning?”
“I knew that this kid didn’t have any good intentions. He provokes the six major sects of separation, just trying to break them all!”
“I saw Jiang Ning perform the Vajra Fist to beat Elder Tingfeng back. His strength is very strong. He must have killed Master Tingchan!”
The sect masters of several big sects did not expect such a thing to happen.
Master Ting Zen even supported Jiang Ning and was willing to give Jiang Ning a chance, but Jiang Ning was a painful killer!
Everyone is angry!
Luo Qi and others sneered even more, saying that they had long expected that the people of the Qingshan Sect were definitely not that easy to talk.
This is all their conspiracy, the trick of that bastard Jiang Ning.
At this moment, there were only people from the five major sects, and the Buddha had already left, but he did not expect that Master Ting Zen, who left first, died instead.
“The Green Mountain Sect wants to defeat each one. We must never be fooled!”
“Immediately attack the Qingshan Sect and destroy the Qingshan Sect! Kill Jiang Ning and avenge Master Ting Chan!”
“I didn’t expect that Master Listening Zen would die. It must be an explanation.”
Several suzerains were filled with righteous indignation, and it was difficult for them to accept the death of Master Zen.
It’s not that Master Ting Zen feels uncomfortable, but that their faces have been trampled on by Jiang Ning!
Jiang Ning just came to negotiate with them and asked everyone to temporarily stop and stop fighting.
What a high-sounding reason!
It’s all for the disciples, not to die more people, for the future within the mountain gate, but the result?
He actually killed Master Ting Zen!
If he can kill Master Ting Zen, he will definitely attack others. Maybe, it will be their turn next.
“Go up the mountain!”
“Let the Qingshan Sect give an account!”
“Let them hand over Jiang Ning!”
The five masters shouted one after another.
All the disciples under the seat were red eyes, as if it was their suzerain who died.
Luo Qi nodded, and someone immediately drove the atmosphere. The people from the five major sects all set off for the Green Mountain Sect, aggressively!
Within half an hour, the brigade arrived at the gate of Qingshan Zongshan, and the three elders who were stationed at the gate of the mountain changed suddenly.
It’s not that they should stop temporarily, why are they here again?
“What are you guys doing!”
The third elder shouted sharply.
“Let Jiangning come out!”
“Kill Master Ting Zen, did you hide yourself?”
Rock stared at the three elders, “We shouldn’t believe you, what good things can Qingshan Sect have?”
“Hand over Jiang Ning, we just want his life, others can ignore it.”
The three elders’ expressions changed.
Master Listening Zen is dead?
How can this be.
“Notify the overlord.”
He turned his head and whispered to his opponent.
Today, people from the five major sects have never seen anyone from the Buddhist sect. They can say what they want, but it would be too much to throw this dirty water randomly.

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