Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2156

“He, how did he do it?”
“It’s amazing, that archer simply caught Jiang Ning’s movements!”
“Awesome! What a weird footwork!”
The elders’ eyes widened, some of them couldn’t believe it.
Jiang Ning slipped past so easily and got into the forest.
A group of them have been stopped here for a long time, but as soon as Jiang Ning arrived, he broke open. What kind of strength is this?
No, even if the martial arts are strong, they may not be able to have this kind of body skills, Jiang Ning is simply amazing!
They don’t know, even if it’s Gou they are here, they can easily avoid it.
Because they have received training, especially mid-reaction training, let alone archers, even bullets, they have enough reaction ability!
“What should we do now?”
Elder Tingfeng glanced at Liu Chuandao and asked.
Jiang Ning passed, what about them?
“Hold on.”
Yanagawa was equally shocked.
He has tried his best to improve his estimation of Jiang Ning, but every time, Jiang Ning always surprises him and keeps letting him know that no matter how high he looks at Jiang Ning, he still underestimates him.
In this way, I am afraid that my vision is not enough to see the limits of Jiang Ning.
Jiang Ning passed, I’m afraid that archer will be in trouble.
They just have to wait, they can only wait!
In the forest on the opposite side, the hidden archer looked a little ugly. On his back, with the quiver on his back, there were only a few left at this moment.
The arrows shot out in succession didn’t even touch Jiang Ning’s clothes. To him, this was a shame!
Seeing that Jiang Ning had come and got into the forest, he immediately got up and prepared to change places.
As a master of stealth assassination, once you expose your position, the first reaction is naturally to shift the position!
However, he just got up and took two steps, and suddenly there was a sound of breaking through the air in his ear!
call out!
He suddenly turned sideways, shook his wrist, held a dagger, and slashed fiercely. The arrow that would shoot past his ear was cut directly at the waist!
The arrow fell on the ground, the arrow he had just shot out!
“who are you!”
He screamed, but no one answered him.
call out!
call out!
call out!
There were three more arrows, blasting out, the man sneered, and the dagger in his hand shook violently, cutting off the arrows one after another.
These are his own arrows, the arrows he used to kill, but now he wants him to cut them off!
call out!
There was another sound that broke through the air, much faster than before.
The man stepped a little, and immediately took a few steps back, looking at the arrow, and aimed at his head.
With a loud shout, his wrist slammed into force, and he directly slammed the arrow frontally, splitting it in half from the middle!
“Very awesome.”
There was a sound in the ear, as if thunder, causing the man’s head to explode instantly.
Is there anyone around?
When did you come here!
He didn’t care about other things, and subconsciously swung his dagger, stabbing it towards his side, but it was in vain.
A gust of wind blows, the man’s eyes widened suddenly, and his voice changed another position, behind him?
He roared and spun around quickly, amazingly dexterous!
Such an exercise is really very powerful. In this kind of mountain forest, he can definitely be regarded as a master, but what he encountered today was Jiang Ning!
The dagger in his hand fell through again!
The man is almost going crazy.
Where is the person!
He has never seen a person with a body faster than himself, this is impossible!
The wind was howling, and the man took a few steps back to make sure that he had a way of retreat, but the sound in his ear struck again, this time so fast that he could not react at all!

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