Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2189

The expressions of Liu Chuan Dao and others changed drastically, and they rushed over, but they were stopped by the elder Tingfeng.
“This punch…”
Elder Tingfeng frowned, “It’s Jiang Ning.”
The dust cleared, Luo Long was still sitting on the ground, but his face was stained red with blood, his face was full of horror, and his heart almost jumped out of his throat.
And right in front of him, less than one meter away, Rocky’s entire head sank into the ground, his legs raised very high, his arms were broken even…
Jiang Ning, hit his head with a punch!
Kill Rocky instantly!
The air is solidified, even the wind does not dare to blow.
Everyone held their breath and couldn’t believe that Jiang Ning was so powerful.
The enchanted Rocky, in front of him, can’t stand a punch?
This punch simply burst!
Jiang Ning retracted his fist and looked up at Mr. Lang without shying away from his eyes.
“This is our second meeting.”
He looked at Mr. Lang, “Do you remember my name?”
Mr. Lang’s pupils contracted and he could tell the second time. That means that the first time Jiang Ning saw himself, he was not bewildered at all. This kid is really not easy.
“Jiangning, I have been following you.”
Mr. Lang’s words made Jiang Ning’s heart beat likewise.
He seemed to react all at once, his master had been worried about what was going on, and he even used his own life to guide himself in the direction of progress.
Perhaps the man behind is Mr. Lang in front of you!
Mr. Lang is too mysterious!
“What do you want?”
Jiang Ning asked.
Mr. Lang smiled, still casual, he didn’t have the slightest fear of Jiang Ning because Rocky was killed by a punch by Jiang Ning.
Instead, he seemed more interested.
“What I want, when you reach this level, you will understand.”
Mr. Lang said lightly, “But I don’t know if you have this opportunity.”
Jiang Ning’s eyes trembled.
The same level as him?
Why would Mr. Lang say such things? What level is his level?

Several suzerains and elders surrounded Mr. Lang back and forth. They had medicine under their tongues, and they even bite the tip of their tongues to keep themselves awake.
Even, there are archers on the periphery, and they are ready for an arrow rain at any time to besiege Mr. Lang!
But even so, they still don’t have any confidence to keep Mr. Lang behind.
“Want to keep me?”
Mr. Lang glanced, “You have no chance.”
Jiang Ning has no nonsense, and now it’s useless to say anything nonsense, do it!
Like a sword light, he swept out in an instant, raising his hand is the ultimate boxing!
Fierce and tyrannical, as if the ultimate martial arts in this world, with a punch, even the air quivered.
Mr. Lang raised his hand and punched Jiang Ning’s fist with the same punch. Two equally domineering punches broke out in an instant!
Jiang Ning took a dozen steps back, while Mr. Lang only took two steps back.
“It seems you have a good understanding.”
Mr. Lang said, “It’s just that it’s a little worse.”
Jiang Ning’s face was solemn.
So strong!
This Mr. Lang is too strong!
Today, I am afraid it is a deadly battle.
Jiang Ning took a deep breath, and the breath on his body began to change slowly, and his eyes became fierce, as if he suddenly returned to the God of War on the battlefield a few years ago.
“There must be no chaos within the gate,”
Jiang Ning took a step forward, “Beyond the gate, let alone chaos.”
“I don’t care what your purpose is, as long as you want to destroy the peace outside, I won’t let you succeed.”
He took another step, his breath rose again!
Dao Yanagawa and others felt horrified. This is Jiang Ning, the real strength?

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