Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2191

The strength of this Mr. Lang has greatly exceeded their imagination, which is shocking.
It even exceeded their cognition.
Can martial arts practitioners be so powerful?
Several Sect Masters all got up and stood in front of Jiang Ning. They knew that Jiangning was alive and they had a chance. Otherwise, even if they were upset by Mr. Lang, they would have nothing to do!
“To fight today, then we will fight until we die!”
Elder Tingfeng yelled, “All new and old hatreds, forget it!”
Mr. Lang in front of him was the murderer who killed Master Ting Zen. Even if he was going to die, he would do his best to avenge the suzerain!
“Ha ha.”
However, Mr. Lang didn’t want to do it.
He glanced around, the coldness on his face was obvious, and the pieces of paper-like skin continued to fall down, revealing half of his true face.
The skin is delicate, looks like a young man, can hear the voice, but it is very vicissitudes of life.
“Kill you?”
Mr. Lang said, “You are not worthy yet.”
After he finished speaking, he took a serious look at Jiang Ning. With a flash of his body, he went into the forest and disappeared.
he’s gone.
Everyone still didn’t dare to be careless, tense their nerves, worried that Mr. Lang would go and return.
“He ran away.”
Jiang Ning suppressed the blood that was about to squirt and slowly said.
He was talking about running away.
“how do you feel?”
Yanagawa is concerned about it.
“It’s okay, it just didn’t come up at once.”
Jiang Ning’s face gradually returned to ruddy, nodded, everyone was relieved.
They probably couldn’t handle such a terrible move. Mr. Lang caught them all without saying it, and it seemed that there was no sign of injury.
“You said he escaped?”
Li Xuan looked at Jiang Ning with a serious expression.
Jiang Ning nodded.
“No, he has to die here today!”
The horrible killing intent is shocking.
It was the first time that they felt the murderous aura on Jiang Ning, as if it were real, and this breath alone could make ordinary people unable to bear it.
Jiang Ning was very calm. It was indeed a little worse this time. He had a deep understanding of Ji Dao Fist, but the first time he used it, he was not so comfortable.
Otherwise, Mr. Lang will be seriously injured if he does not die today.
He took a deep breath and recovered as before, not annoyed by failing to kill Mr. Lang this time.
Because he knew that Mr. Lang was not that simple, and it was certainly not that easy to kill him.
“What should we do now?”
The guest in the cloud asked.
Now they all know about Mr. Lang’s existence, so powerful and terrifying, no one can beat him.
“We can only join hands.”
Jiang Ning said, “Now I suspect that the gray fog was created by him in order to force you to rush out of the mountain gate.”
A few words to Mr. Lang revealed too much information.
Jiang Ning still feels a bit complicated at this moment.
He understands that Mr. Lang is definitely not an ordinary person, and he knows the Jidao boxing score and the secrets in the boxing score!
But what on earth Mr. Lang is going to do, Jiang Ning still doesn’t understand.
With his strength, can’t he leave the mountain gate?
“Everyone should be vigilant and be careful. If Mr. Lang goes and returns, it will not be so easy to deal with.”
Several people immediately reached a consensus that several major sects must now join hands. Only by fighting together can they have a chance. If they are separated, I am afraid they will be defeated by Mr. Lang one by one. When the time comes, they will really be weak.
“Jiangning, go back and rest first.”
Yanagawa looked at him, his face still worried, “Here we will arrange.”
Jiang Ning nodded, did not say anything, turned and left.
At the same time.
It is far away from the forest.
Mr. Lang stopped, suddenly opened his mouth, wowed with blood, his face instantly pale.

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