Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2195

His face was solemn and cautious.
Jiang Ning’s this is like a gambling. If he loses, he will lose his life, no matter what level of master Jiang Ning is.
Not far away, you can feel the fog, it’s only a dozen meters away from Jiangning and others!
“It’s okay.”
Jiang Ning’s eyes flashed with light, and he glanced at the weeds, and already had a guess in his heart.
He waved to Elder Listening Wind and Liu Chuandao, and signaled them not to follow. He walked forward alone.
Elder Tingfeng’s heart is about to mention his throat.
“Don’t worry, Jiang Ning will not do anything unprepared.”
Liu Chuandao took a deep breath. It seemed that he was more nervous than Elder Tingfeng.
The two people looked at Jiang Ning and walked toward the mist step by step, their hearts synchronized with Jiang Ning’s footsteps.
One step, two steps, three steps…
Jiang Ning walked forward, watching the fog, but there was no expression on his face. His steps were light and rhythmic, without hesitation or too fast.
There is only two meters away from the fog!
Jiang Ning could even feel a trace of water vapor coming out and hitting his face!
No effect?
Jiang Ning stepped forward quickly, stepping directly into the fog with one foot!
The elder Tingfeng and Liu Chuan behind him almost yelled out of no fright, “Zeroyi Aiyiyiyiyi Erzhe”, but when he reached his mouth, he stopped instantly.
All right?
Jiang Ning had one foot stretched into the mist, and after that, he pulled back his leg again, unscathed!
Immediately, Jiang Ning walked in and disappeared in the mist for an instant.
Elder Listening Feng and Liu Chuandao yelled in fright, and rushed over, before entering the fog, Jiang Ning came out, except for a trace of water vapor in his hair, without injury.
“This mist is really just a blindfold.”
Liu Chuandao’s forehead was covered with cold sweat, really frightened by Jiang Ning.
Elder Tingfeng was the same, his palms were sweaty, and his voice trembled.
“What about those people from the sect?”
He took a deep breath, pondering with extreme fear.
“They were all killed by Mr. Lang.”
Jiang Ning said.
“If he wants to create such an effect, he will naturally have to be complete, but as long as someone dares to try, he will definitely be able to see through.”
But being so scared by Mr. Lang, no one dares to come.
I’m afraid of death!
If it weren’t for Jiang Ning, it would take them a long time before they might discover the secret here.
Jiang Ning said, “There must be something in the depths of the north. Mr. Lang doesn’t want people to see it, so we must be fast!”
He suddenly remembered that Mr. Lang was injured, after being injured by himself. , Will definitely change the plan.
Mr. Lang will guess when he sees it, he will definitely come after him!
“Go! Don’t let him run away!”
Regardless of so much, the three of them got into the fog, and they were suddenly misty, only a few meters in front of them.
“Everyone, be careful, don’t be careless, there may be other dangers in this mist.”
Jiang Ning reminded, and walked in the forefront, letting Elder Tingfeng and Liu Chuandao follow behind him, and continue to move towards the depths of the north. Away.
at the same time.
In the lake at the foot of the mountain, the steaming mist became thicker and thicker, covering the sky and the sun!
Mr. Lang sat by the lake and slowly opened his eyes.
His ears moved and he hummed softly.
“It’s so fast.”
He knew that Jiang Ning would definitely come after him, and he would guess that the fog was just a blinding trick, but he didn’t expect it to be so fast.
Jiang Ning was obviously injured, but he recovered faster than himself.
Not easy.
Mr. Lang got up and stomped his feet vigorously, seeming to have touched some mechanism, and the ground suddenly trembled.
The water surface in the center of the lake began to ripple, and then the waves became bigger and higher!
Gradually, water splashed, and a copper coffin appeared in front of Mr. Lang!

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