Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 22

Su Mei doesn’t know what to do, five million!
She didn’t dare to take such a lot of money without merit, even if it was compensation, she didn’t need so much.
She didn’t know that if she could not obtain her forgiveness, the loss of Donghai Bank was even far more than 20 billion!
“It’s too much, I really can’t charge it, just two hundred yuan for medical expenses.”
Su Mei did not nod, but Xue Xing and the others kept bowing, and did not dare to raise their heads.
“Then I will accept it first.”
Su Mei was helpless, she didn’t know how to refuse, she should wait for Lin Yuzhen to come back and let her find a way to deal with it.
Xue Xing and his party were relieved when they saw Su Mei Ken accept it. They thought Su Mei would speak loudly. Now it seems that they are really ashamed.
“Su Mei! Come out for me! You crashed into my brother’s car and now hide from home? Come out for me to lose money!”
“Damn, just this family? Even Lao Tzu’s car dared to hit, get out of me to lose money! Otherwise Lao Tzu will go in and kill someone!”
Suddenly, a loud voice came from outside the door, clamoring to rush in.
Zhang Rong rolled up his sleeves and was ready to do it!
Don’t let them lose a million today, it’s absolutely endless!
In the room, Su Mei frowned.
Yesterday Jiangning did hit a car. It was a luxury car, so the price is not low.
But it was also someone else deliberately blocking the way.
“Sorry, I’ll go out and have a look first.”
Su Mei walked out, Zhang Cui was cursing with her arms akimbo.
“Don’t you just buy a BMW? What’s so great that even my brother’s Porsche would dare to hit it?”
“Do you know how much the Porsche is? It’s enough to buy your broken car!”
Zhang Cui was so emboldened, and his voice was like a mountain, and he immediately attracted many neighbors.
She just wants everyone to see, what BMW car, in front of Porsche, is nothing at all.
“You’re Su Mei? You were the one who crashed my car yesterday!”
Seeing Su Mei walked out, Zhang Rong suddenly sneered, “A broken BMW, dare to be arrogant, now it depends on how you compensate, prepare to bankrupt your family!”
“I’m telling you, my car is more than one million! It’s all scrapped now!”
Su Mei’s face paled for a while.
More than a million cars?
How can they afford it.
But now it’s too late to say anything, after all, Jiang Ning really hit someone else’s car.
“Zhang Rong?”
She was about to speak, and Xue Xing who came out behind her frowned, “Why are you here.”
“Xue, President Xue!”
Zhang Rong was stunned, and he was stunned.
Why is the president here?
And it came out of Samui’s house!
He seemed to have been struck by lightning, and he was instantly nailed to the ground, and he didn’t dare to move!
In front of the president, he, a little director, didn’t even have the qualifications to carry shoes!
“You know?”
Su Mei was surprised.
“This is the customer service director of our head office, who has just been promoted.”
Xue Xing did not hide it.
He immediately noticed that Zhang Rong had a holiday with Su Mei, and he snorted in his heart.
They finally made Su Mei accept his apology. What does this honor mean to make trouble here?
Not long eyes, do you want to kill the entire East China Sea Bank!
“Zhang Rong, what’s going on?”
Xue Xing looked majestic.
“The president, yes, it was them, who crashed my car yesterday, I…”
“Nonsense, it’s obvious that you deliberately stopped your car to block everyone from traveling. Others dare not touch your car. People are not afraid of you.”
“That’s right, there are everyone. It turned out to be the director of Tokai Bank. No wonder he is so bullish!”
“Wealth is self-willed. We don’t deposit the money in the bank. We won’t deposit it in Donghai Bank in the future!”
Some neighbors around were all sensible people. Seeing Zhang Rong’s nonsense, I couldn’t help it.
Hearing that, Xue Xing’s face was even more ugly.
This has affected the reputation of Donghai influence.
He turned his head and bowed slightly to Su Mei: “Ms. Su, I’m so sorry to disturb your life again and again. I hope you don’t get angry. I’ll take care of this matter.”
After speaking, Xue Xing’s face sank, and Zhang Rong’s legs were a little soft in fright.
He has never seen the president be so polite to anyone!
What does this woman have to do with the president?
He turned his head to look at his sister Zhang Cui. Zhang Cui was also frightened. She didn’t know that the Su Mei family had such a background. Even the head of Donghai Bank would bow to her?
“Your car, I will pay for it!”
Xue Xing wrote a check on the spot and threw it to Zhang Rong.
Where does Zhang Rong dare to pick it up!
“In addition, I announce that you have been fired.”
Xue Xing was not polite. “As an employee of Donghai Bank, their own quality is the first requirement. If you don’t even know how to do it, don’t even think about entering Donghai Bank!”
“President! President! Don’t fire me! I was wrong! I know I was wrong!”
Zhang Rong’s face suddenly became ashes.
If he is fired, he won’t be able to repay the car loan!
He can’t lose such a good job!
“I know it’s wrong now? It’s too late!”
“Secretary Xu, notify the Personnel Department, and immediately issue a notice, the whole industry notice. In addition, who recommended Zhang Rong in the first place, let him come to my office for a review tomorrow morning!”
Xue Xing said harshly.
Zhang Rong’s whole person suddenly looked like a frustrated ball, and his whole person was soft.
And Zhang Cui stood there with a pale face, no one thought that this would be the result.
She didn’t even have time to show off in front of her neighbors. Her younger brother was promoted and bought a luxury car. All of this was gone in an instant?
“Su Mei! Be merciful! Be merciful!”
She hurried to Su Mei and squeezed a smile, “Everyone is a neighbor, please be merciful.”
“All this is my brother’s fault, we apologize to you, sorry! I’m sorry!”
Su Mei looked at Zhang Cui, no matter how kind she was, she couldn’t bear the appearance of being the first and second.
Do you really think you don’t know when you say bad things about their family secretly?
He said that Lin Wen was disabled, and that she was an old woman who couldn’t make money. Now she said that their home was useless and could only find a son-in-law. I really didn’t know these?
Su Mei took a deep breath: “Sorry, this is what you guys deserve!”
Hearing these words, Zhang Cui’s face suddenly turned pale.
She didn’t dare to say anything, she immediately took Zhang Rong away in despair, and if she didn’t leave, they would only be humiliated even worse!
“Ms. Su, apologize to you again, which affected your mood.”
Xue Xing apologized.
“It’s okay, thank you for your help, the compensation…”
“Don’t mention the money, don’t mention it, just save me some face.” Xue Xing joked, “We should go now, and don’t disturb Ms. Su’s rest.”
After speaking, Xue Xing and his party left.
The neighbors around, all have envy, even jealousy!
No one thought that the Su Mei family was so amazing!
Even the president of Donghai Bank must be polite to her!
Su Mei was a little embarrassed, said hello to a few neighbors, nodded, and then returned to the house. All this made her unable to recover for a while.
At that time.
Suburban factory site office.
Lin Yuzhen’s face was pale, his anger was extremely angry, and his delicate body trembled slightly.
“They want to monopolize, it’s too much!”

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