Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2208

“It doesn’t matter”.
Jiang Ning said, “At least, he should have a newer understanding of this world.”
Indeed, just like Mr. Lang said, this world is too dangerous.
It’s just that it is not the world that Mr. Lang recognizes. After so many years, many things have changed. It seems that Mr. Lang has not come back for a long time.
“Master, what should I do now? I must find a way to catch him.”
Fang Qiu said, “For such a terrible person, entering this world, I really don’t know what he will do.”
How could he not worry?
Mr. Lang’s strength is too strong. Few people like this can restrain him. If he wants to do something bad, it may cause serious consequences.
Jiang Ning’s eyes were deep, looking into the distance, as if seeing Mr. Lang’s back.
“He should know it in his heart, and he won’t come easily.”
Since Mr. Lang didn’t dare to leave the mountain gate easily, there must be something he was afraid of.
Or people.
Especially just now, in the Qingshan Sect, what Mr. Lang said to himself proved this point even more.
Where did he dare to expose his whereabouts easily?
I’m afraid, you have to be careful and hide yourself.
Jiang Ning was not too worried about this. A world has a rule for its operation, and it will not change easily because of personal will.
Even if there are, such people are rare.
Mr. Lang is obviously not this person.
“Do your own thing, just take precautions.”
Jiang Ning ordered.
Everyone nodded.
Jiang Ning confessed some things and returned to the East China Sea.
He didn’t go home first, even though he really missed Lin Yuzhen, but the most important thing now is to find Lu Jing.
Inside the institute.
To outsiders, Lu Jing seemed to be a lunatic.
After he entered this research institute, it was like a different person, especially the eight great hidden families who sent all the ancient books from their respective families, and he was still studying.
“Professor Lu worked too hard, he refused to let him rest.”
Huang Yuming felt helpless.
He led Jiang Ning into the conference room of the institute, which was already full of books.
On the side, there is a high-footed staircase, which is used to get books placed on a high place, and there are some notebooks around, which are all records made by Professor Lu Jing himself.
“Professor Lu?”
Jiang Ning shouted.
A small pile of books fell down, and Lu Jing got out of it, unkempt, there was a hint of the elegant appearance of a professor.
People who didn’t know thought he was a tramp.
“Jiangning, are you back?”
Lu Jing’s eyes were full of light and excitement, even if they were bloodshot, there was no trace of fatigue.
“You are here just right, I? Close to Xi’er Zhedi Lulu? I have new discoveries to tell you, this world is really amazing!”
He couldn’t wait to tell Jiang Ning of his findings, and climbed from the pile of books. Came out and almost fell.
Jiang Ning hurriedly stretched out his hand to support him: “Slow down!”
Lu Jing smiled, ignoring his lack of image, and took Jiang Ning’s hand and ran to the laboratory.
Compared with the mess in the conference room, the laboratory is neat and tidy. Every piece of data, every book, and even every record is well arranged and can be found in the first time.
Being clear, clear, and meticulous is what Lu Jing really looks like.
“Come here!”
Lu Jing raised his head and glanced at Huang Yuming, “Mr. Huang, please give me a glass of water, I’m too thirsty.”
He hasn’t had any water for a day, for fear that he won’t be able to speak to Jiang Ning.
Huang Yuming hurriedly poured a glass of water and handed it to Lu Jing.
“Thank you.”
Lu Jing took a few sips, and his voice became much more comfortable. Then he turned on the computer and projected his findings onto the curtain on the wall.
“Jiang Ning, look, what is this?”

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