Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2209

Jiang Ning looked up, and the screen was showing an electronic topographic map.
His eyes shrank, staring at the topographic map, looking at it seriously, as if analyzing every texture.
“This picture is a ratio of one to ten thousand. The satellite electronic picture I looked down at from a high altitude was obtained by some means,”
Lu Jing said. “Look, do those patterns feel familiar?”
Jiang Ning nodded. .
There is a feeling of deja vu.
With his memory, he can remember everything he has seen, and these lines are indeed somewhat similar to those on the Jidao boxing score.
“It’s the same as the lines on the fist sheet, right?”
He looked at Lu Jing.
“Not bad!”
Lu Jing nodded, “I have compared it, there is almost no difference!”
There is a kind of excitement on his face. It is really exciting to have such a discovery.
It took a lot of time just to put together the patterns on the nine-page Jidao boxing sheet, and the research on the patterns on the above requires even more input.
Lu Jing inquired a lot of ancient books to explore relevant clues, including materials from the Eight Great Family.
But nothing was discovered. It seems that there is a part of history that has been erased artificially, and there is no trace of it.
But he doesn’t believe in evil, and he doesn’t believe that someone can completely erase all traces. There will always be something that cannot be erased.
He thought of the map.
If the lines on the fist sheet are indeed maps, where do they lead?
Which direction is it?
No matter how great those people are, they can’t change the mountains and rivers, so they can erase all traces.
Therefore, he changed his direction and obtained electronic topographic maps of various regions around the world. Using a three-dimensional method, all terrains were digitized and electronic to simulate the effect of texture.
Sure enough, in this area, he found it!
“This is exactly the same as the pattern on the fourth page,”
Lu Jing said, “but it has nothing to do with other books .”
“The weird place is here,”
Lu Jing took a deep breath. “Others The lines on the page fist sheet match with the lines on the fourth page fist sheet. They can be combined again, but they are completely inconsistent with the surrounding topographical map.”
“What does this mean?”
Jiang Ning looked at Lu Jing.
He didn’t expect that Lu Jing had reached such a point of madness and had studied it to this extent.
“This shows that the nine-page boxing manual may point to nine places.”
Lu Jing said solemnly.
“Nine places?”
Jiang Ning was startled, “This is not a map?”
“This is a map.”
Lu Jing felt that he hadn’t said clearly, he continued, “This is indeed a map, but at the same time, It points to nine places, do you understand what I mean?”
This is a bit difficult to understand, but Jiang Ning understood.
He didn’t expect that there is such a weird thing hidden in the Jidao Boxing Manual.
A map usually only points to one place, how can it point to nine places, and it seems that these nine places can be put together, which is completely unimaginable.
“I’ll explain to you like this,”
Lu Jing has a very high level of professionalism. Using his thinking to explain it, it sounds a little unbelievable. “For example, there are several floors, and the floor plan of each floor is different.”
“From the top down, these pictures are put together, but in fact, this is a different floor, each floor is different.”
His face flashed with excitement, as if entering an extreme status.
Jiang Ning felt a little unbelievable.
“What kind of problem is this?”
“It can be said to be a philosophical problem, or it can be said to be a physical problem. Simply put, it is time and space.”
Lu Jing took a deep breath. He was actually shocked, but apart from this explanation, there was no There are other reasons.

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