Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2225

At this moment, Jiang Ning is in the Jidao martial arts center, instructing those students to practice.
Even a beginner, as long as there is a problem, ask Jiang Ning, he will explain it very carefully.
With his understanding of boxing techniques, the in-depth explanations can make people understand easily.
Outside, the car stopped, and Zhao walked in quickly.
“Jiang Ning!”
He yelled, a little anxiously, “Something happened.”
Jiang Ning turned his head and glanced at him.
“You have to figure it out for yourself first.”
He said to the young disciple, and walked to Lao Zhao: “What’s the situation?”
“Overseas Mocheng, there is a situation.”
Lao Zhao said immediately, “The underground circles there,” There was a sudden riot, which is very abnormal.”
Jiang Ning didn’t arrange too many people in the underground circles overseas . There was Amel watching from the casino, and he was relieved.
Thinking of Amel, Jiang Ning hadn’t contacted her for a long time. Jiang Ning knew the woman’s mind, but he couldn’t accept it.
“In a small town over there, there was a sudden riot. The surrounding underground circles were cleaned up in just three days, and they were assembled into one force.”
On the way, Lao Zhao also received the latest update. The situation, “They are divided into several groups now, leaving Mocheng and heading to different places.”
“It seems, what are they looking for.”
What are they looking for?
Jiang Ning frowned slightly, thinking it must be Mr. Lang.
He seems to be recovering quickly from his injury. He moved so quickly, but what is he looking for?
The Ji Dao boxing score is here. He wants the boxing score, and it is the fastest to find himself directly. Is there anything else that is worth his time and effort to find?
“Have you found any traces of Mr. Lang?”
“No, I am afraid that his face has changed.”
Old Zhao shook his head, “There is no data on that face in the Skynet system.” You know, Old Zhao created it. Tianwang’s intelligence is not comparable to that of the past. It scans all the probes 24 hours a day, and as long as it finds a similar face, it will be compared immediately.
But even so, I haven’t found Mr. Lang yet, which means that Mr. Lang must have changed his face again, and may even change frequently.
That was his way to hide his actions. If he didn’t reach a certain level, even if Mr. Lang stood in front of him, it would be difficult to find.
“I know.”
Jiangning did not say anything, “continue to focus on like, where did they go? Er cover the expense of land cover Wu Ai-ai?, The routes are portrayed, see what we can find.”
Divided into several If people are sent to find something, it means that Mr. Lang himself doesn’t know where the thing is, he can only roughly determine a range.
As long as he finds it, the trajectory of these people will almost circle this range.
Jiang Ning confessed a few words to Lao Zhao and asked him to send additional manpower to keep an eye on it to ensure that he could control the first-hand information.
“Okay, I’ll make arrangements now!”
Old Zhao left quickly.
Now is the critical time for intelligence gathering, but there are no measures to be taken. I am not sure what Mr. Lang wants, and Jiang Ning is not easy to do it.
He went to the backyard, and the old naughty boy was still playing chess with a few children.
This guy seems to have amnesia, can’t remember his name, don’t remember who he is, but that childlike heart seems to be like this in his bones.
The old naughty boy likes to play with children, especially playing games. Once he wins, he feels good.
After winning another one, the old naughty boy laughed and flicked a child’s forehead with his fingers while eating fruit.
This is their bet!
Jiang Ning looked at it for a while and shook his head.
Jiang Ning smiled, “Please be merciful, you have won a lot today.”

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