Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2228

He slammed Jiang Ning’s head with a punch.
Tan Xing and others in the distance changed a lot. This madman is indeed a madman!
Jiang Ning immediately raised his hand and punched the same punch, slamming against the fist of the old naughty boy.
The old naughty boy took two steps back, but Jiang Ning Wensi did not move.
“You!” The old naughty boy widened his eyes and pointed at Jiang Ning. “Dare you fight back?”
“You calm down.”
Jiang Ning said, “If you don’t remember, don’t think about it, don’t drive yourself crazy.”
The old naughty boy was so angry that he was blowing his beard. He clearly heard that Jiang Ning’s tone was a little mocking of him.
“I’m so angry with you!”
he cursed.
But didn’t do it again.
Doing something with Jiang Ning is not profitable, he is too lazy to do it.
Even if he has amnesia, even if he has a child-like temper, he is not stupid.
“It’s okay, you’re so angry, you also have a coffin.”
Jiang Ning was unreasonable, not polite.
Suddenly, the old naughty boy stayed there, motionless, his wide-open eyes became hollow, his face full of disbelief.
“What’s the matter?”
Jiang Ning became vigilant, wondering how the old naughty boy’s state changed. What’s this expression?
This guy went crazy, really suddenly.
“My coffin!” the old naughty boy shouted.
“What happened to your coffin?”
“My coffin!”
A strong murderous aura suddenly appeared in the eyes of the old naughty boy.
He suddenly raised his head and looked at Jiang Ning, almost shouting, “That bastard, what I’m looking for is my coffin!”
After speaking, he was murderous, and he couldn’t wait a minute.
“Asshole, I still want to hit my coffin!” The old naughty boy rushed out directly.
Jiang Ning reacted at once.
He thought of the copper coffin that sank at the bottom of the lake within the mountain gate and on the northern side.
The appearance of the old naughty boy is also a quaint black coffin. He hasn’t been connected to each other. How can it be a coffin.
“You stare at the East China Sea!”
Jiang Ning shouted and immediately caught up with the old naughty boy.
What Mr. Lang was looking for turned out to be the coffin of the old naughty boy. He didn’t know what was special about this coffin. Could it be…
he had a guess in his heart? I would like to pick it up, but everything was just guessing. .
Jiangning didn’t waste time, and immediately took the old urchin and hurried back to the original mountain forest.
At that time.
Stand in front of the dividing line.
Mr. Lang stopped.
Going forward, it was deep in the mountains and forests, but he couldn’t get in.
“Sure enough, you can’t walk in without the map on the boxing sheet.”
He squinted his eyes, hummed, and took a step forward, and was immediately blocked by a tree, and then changed direction, there is still one. The tree stood in front of him.
No matter which direction he goes, there is always a tree in front of him, leaving him no way to go.
What is this, he knows.
“What I want, I must get it.”
Mr. Lang was crazy, sneered, and took out a bag from behind. In the bag, there was dark blood, and he didn’t know what blood it was.
Open the bag and you can smell a strong fishy smell!
Mr. Lang sprinkled the blood under the tree, folded his hands together, muttered words in his mouth, and didn’t know what he was talking about. After a while, he suddenly opened his eyes and stomped his feet!
Boom——In a flash, a series of explosions sounded and the dust was flying!
Those big trees were blown off instantly, and fell heavily with a bang!
The ground was shaking, and a few big trees fell, directly crushing everything around them into ruins. Only after these trees fell, can you see them, the big trees towering into the clouds, a full hundreds of meters!
loud noises continue, Mr. Lang squinted and waited quietly.
“Do you think that back then, how could I almost kill you?”
He proudly said.

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