Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2232

“I have brought back all the fragments. These are the best engineers. They are sure to restore the coffin to its original appearance.” The old naughty boy reached out and shook his head: ” It’s useless.”
He sighed, and gently stroked the coffin board with his palm.
This kind of coffin is made of thousand-year wood in one piece. Now, not to mention whether you can find one. Even if you can find it, there are no craftsmen who can make one again.
What has been repaired is naturally not as good as a coffin.
“It can’t be repaired, it’s just to restore the appearance, it’s no use, forget it.”
He retracted his hand, a little bit unwilling, but there was no way.
“That bastard is forcing me and making me have nowhere to go.” The old naughty boy snorted and said with emotion, “He is still as cunning, as treacherous, and without a bottom line as before.”
Jiang Ning waved, let Several engineers went out.
“What’s special about this coffin?”
The black coffin in front of me has a very different breath. It can be seen that it has gone through a lot of years, but it still has a steady breath. The lid of the coffin is covered, as if it can interact with Isolated from the world.
“This is the coffin for longevity.” The old naughty boy said, “sleeping in it, you can live for many more years, even if it is a corpse, it will not rot for a thousand years.”
Jiang Ning’s pupils shrank, so magical?
“Thousand-year wood, it’s rare. I can’t find one here now.” The old naughty boy said with emotion, “That bastard, why is he willing to destroy it, isn’t it just trying to force me?”
“I must kill it.” Him!”
His murderous aura is peaceful, completely different from the arrogant murderous aura before.
The old naughty boy at this moment seemed to be more awake, and the memories in his mind probably also remembered a lot, but Jiang Ning did not ask.
What are these coffins, these people, Jiang Ning is not clear now, but he knows that all of these must be related to Ji Dao Boxing? Yi Pa Wu Zhe Yi Shan Wu?.
He didn’t know what Mr. Lang wanted to do.
“I know you have a lot of questions, and I can’t remember them now, but if I know, I will tell you.” The old naughty boy turned his head and glanced at Jiang Ning. “You kid, it looks pleasing to the eye.”
“I only I want to know what Mr. Lang wants to do.”
“He wants to save people.” The old naughty boy said.
Save people?
If it is to save people, this starting point is correct.
“But in order to save people, he can kill other people. Everyone, as long as it affects his saving, he will kill, even if it is relatives and friends, even innocent passers-by.”
Jiang Ning’s eyes shook, so cruel?
This is too selfish!
“This person has no bottom line. It is a blessing to be regarded as a cherished person, but if not, it would be normal for him to kill you.”
“What era do you all come from?”
Jiang Ning looked at the old naughty boy. asked.
He can feel that the old naughty boy and Mr. Lang are obviously not of this era, especially the coffin, as long as they sleep in it, they can live many more years.
And the sixty-year-old man, in front of the old naughty boy, is called a child by him, which is enough to see that the old naughty boy is not young.
“What era?” The old naughty boy raised his head, his eyes rolled and patted his head again.
“Can’t remember,”
He shook his head, “Hey, it was the bastard back then, who wounded me and almost killed me. I can’t remember a lot of it now, I only remember, I must kill him.”
“I only remember, our time There are many people who practice martial arts. They are just a big river and lake. There are grandmasters everywhere. Grandmasters are not as good as dogs, but there are still only so many who can reach the top of ours.”
“What about them?”
Jiang Ning asked again.

Where are they?” The old naughty boy seemed to be stuck . ” Where are they? Where are they? Where are they? Yes, what about them?”

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