Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2236

She knew that Jiang Ning was outside. He would definitely be nervous, worried, and sad when he heard him shout.
“Try to save energy, I have already opened three fingers,” the midwife comforted, “Now all the signs are okay. It is good for the baby to be delivered smoothly. Come on! Come on!”
Lin Yu really took a deep breath and tried to save his energy. .
She experienced this kind of thing for the first time and felt the pain of giving birth for the first time, but for her, it was also happiness.
This is the child of her and Jiang Ning, the crystallization of their love, she is looking forward to watching the child come out.
Lin Yu really couldn’t hold back a throbbing pain. The bones all over his body seemed to be shifting. The pain was like a heartbreak!
Jiang Ning outside the door, pacing back and forth, tried to rush in several times, but forcibly held back.
His eye sockets were already red, and when he heard Lin Yu’s real voice, his heart trembled even more. He suddenly felt a little regret. If he didn’t want children, Lin Yu would really not suffer such hardship.
at the same time.
Several cars drove into the East China Sea, and after several inspections, they still entered smoothly.
Mr. Lang sat behind, looking at the car and Lin’s villa, his eyes gradually turned cold.
“Start action.” The team separated, one team drove towards the Jidao martial arts gym, one team drove towards the Lin Group, the other team drove towards…
and he headed directly towards the Lin Family Villa.
“I will deliver this meeting gift personally. It will be more sincere.”
Mr. Lang slowly closed his eyes and said lightly.
Lin Family Villa.
The atmosphere is still tense.
“Not good yet?”
Jiang Ning knew that there was a process, but he hoped that this process would be shorter, so that Lin Yu could really suffer less and suffer less.
“Don’t worry,”
Su Mei was also worried, her eyes were red, but she still comforted Jiang Ning, “It won’t be a problem.”
The person inside is her daughter. She has experienced this kind of pain herself. A child walks through the gate of a ghost, and it is so easy for a woman to walk.
She also feels distressed.
Jiang Ning took a deep breath, clenched his fists, wishing that he could really help Lin Yu bear everything.
Huang Yuming and others were also there. Today, around Lin’s villa, East China Sea City is the most heavily defended place. Even He Linbei, Jiang Daoran and others came from the north.
There is also Fang Qiu, with all the masters of the eight great families gathered and scattered around.
They know that if someone wants to take action against Jiangning, then today is definitely the best opportunity!
The major masters, who are in the Lin family, and Jiang Ning are here, they are fully prepared, no matter what happens, they must have time to deal with it.
“It’s not good!”
Suddenly, someone ran up quickly and rushed to Huang Yuming: “Someone is making trouble in Jidao Martial Arts Hall !” Huang Yuming raised his brows, is it coming?
“Don’t worry.”
He ordered directly.
“There are fires in many places in the East China Sea. There are a large number of people from underground circles who rushed into the East China Sea. Lao Zhang has already mobilized personnel to deal with it, but it is too late.”
Huang Yuming showed a murderous look on his face: “Hmph, no matter who it is, dare to come today. Don’t try to make trouble, don’t try to succeed!”
“Send the order, the masters will deal with it separately according to the original plan,”
He said coldly, “Tell Fang Qiu, let the masters of the eight great families cooperate with Lingshan Xiluwu to help maintain the order of the East China Sea!”
“Also, the defense around Lin’s villa must not be relaxed. , Not at all!”
Huang Yuming said, “No matter what, the safety of Yuzhen and the child is the top priority today, no matter what happens!”
He knew that this was a trick that someone was playing with the tiger away from the mountain. He would not be fooled. Even if the Jidao martial arts hall was set on fire, he didn’t care.
Nothing is more important than Lin Yuzhen and the children, for Jiangning, and for them, the same!

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