Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2249

Jiang Shan Wu Shi Shan Wu Shan Ling Fu Yao?
The name is okay.
Jiang Ning saw that the old naughty boy directly named him, but he didn’t object: “It sounds good.”
“I’ve given her a single name, the most suitable for her.”
After speaking, the old naughty boy left.
I still counted it. Jiang Ning felt that the old naughty boy was a little bit mysterious, and there were also some gibberish, and even started talking about fortune-telling.
Until now, the old naughty boy didn’t say what his true identity was. Jiang Ningquan didn’t remember when he was still in amnesia, the old naughty boy would say it when the time was right.
As for what the old naughty boy said, let himself go to the longevity pool, Jiang Ning did not have this idea.
He now hopes that everything is safe, even if it is plain, it is pretty good.
But obviously, some people don’t want this.
Mr. Lang was not angry and could not see any upset on his face because he failed to force Jiang Ning to be involved in this storm. Obviously he had thought of this a long time ago.
“Why do you have to join that kid?”
The person hiding in the darkness was a little dissatisfied. “Just a little kid, what can you do with us?”
He finally waited for this opportunity, but Mr. Lang asked him to wait. How could he wait.
“Because only he can find it.”
Mr. Lang glanced at the shadow and said lightly.
He has already pulled the old naughty boy in. Even if the old naughty boy doesn’t care about life or death, he will change his mind after all.
Who doesn’t want to live forever?
Who wants to die?
“Only him?”
Sombra sneered. “Are you kidding me.”
“You wake me up, I’m equal to the last chance. If I can’t find the longevity pool, I will have to die!”
A cold light burst into his eyes.
He fell into a deep sleep and wanted to wait for the best opportunity. No matter where he thought, Mr. Lang awakened himself, but now he couldn’t find that place.
“What’s the hurry?”
Mr. Lang glanced at him.
He is not in a hurry, let alone others.
“The longevity pool will definitely be found. I can’t be anxious,”
he sneered. “Hei Feng, I gave you this opportunity. You should be grateful to me instead of talking to me in this manner, understand?” In the darkness , I could only see those eyes, with a hint of green light, and it was frightening to see!
“Thank you?”
Hei Feng’s voice was cold, “If you took me to find the longevity pool, then I would definitely thank you, but if you can’t find it, then you are my enemy.”
How can the enemy be thankful?
He will only kill his enemies!
Mr. Lang is not angry at all. At their level, now he has only the last chance. If he can’t find the longevity pool, everyone will die sooner or later.
What he has to do now is not to continue to force Jiang Ning to get involved, but to wake up more people.
It’s best to wake everyone up, everyone has no retreat, and naturally they have to look for the longevity pool at all costs. When that time comes, someone can force Jiang Ning to take action, right?
“You are right, but now, you still cooperate with me to find the longevity pool,”
he looked at the black front hidden in the darkness, and said in his heart that such a shameless person is only worthy of being used by himself. “According to what I said, waking up other people is currently the most important thing.”
“Are you going to let more people fight for the longevity pool with us?” The black front was a little dissatisfied.
He knew very well that his strength was not the best among them, otherwise he would not give in to the old naughty boy.
Once more people are involved, he will not have much competitiveness.
“Listen to me, you have a chance. If you don’t listen, then you can fend for yourself.”
Mr. Lang was too lazy to talk nonsense, and then left after speaking.
The black front was so angry that he gritted his teeth, but couldn’t say anything.
After losing the last chance, he has no retreat. Like an old naughty boy, he cannot find the longevity pool, and his life will be lost sooner or later.

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