Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2288

Until they wake up one by one, at that time, Jiang Ning can easily find the longevity pool, allowing them to live forever.
All of them have entered the dormant warehouse and entered deep sleep.
“Unexpectedly, they would all agree.”
Yana Chuan sighed with emotion.
These are all peerless powerhouses.
Although they are not as superb as Jiang Ning and Mr. Lang, they are still unstoppable.
However, they were willing to follow Jiang Ning’s arrangement and chose to continue to sleep.
If Jiang Ning really wanted him to cover Lu and Lu Lu and his friends, then they would have closed their eyes and waited for Jiang Ning to kill them.
But Yanagawa knew that Jiangning wouldn’t.
People like Jiang Ning will definitely do what they say. They never break their promises. When I first saw him, I felt this way.
That kind of inexplicable trust, until now, Yanagawa didn’t understand what was going on.
“You stare here, don’t expose their existence, treat this as a forbidden place, except you, in the Qingshan Sect, don’t let anyone else know.”
Jiang Ning ordered.
Yanagawa nodded.
After speaking, Jiang Ning turned around and left, opened the mountain gate and left.
And for a long time.
In that passage, Mr. Lang looked crazy, breaking all the shackles one by one!
He kicked the last shackle and jumped out of the passage, not knowing how much time had passed.
His hair is a bit messy, and his eyes are more crazy!
He yelled, “Am I being seen through by you?”
Jiang Ning was delaying time. Jiang Ning knew that he would enter the passage, so he designed it to trap him for so much time. During this time, where did Jiang Ning go? , What did you do?
He doesn’t know it now.
This bastard!
It is only now that Mr. Lang understands that he has calculated for so long that he can even understand people’s minds, but he has never understood Jiang Ning, and was even seen by Jiang Ning.
He lost terribly in this confrontation.
He went to the Green Mountain Sect, the gate was closed, and the people of the Green Mountain Sect were all guarding there, blocking them with a formation, so he couldn’t get out.
Is Jiang Ning trying to keep him within the gate of the mountain?
Just like when Po Jun locked himself in here? Hahahaha!
Mr. Lang is like a madman, angry and unwilling, but always keeps his calm. After so many ups and downs, he has long been used to it, how can he lose his mind.
“Jiangning, Jiangning, do you really think you won?”
“Do you really think that if you don’t want to find the longevity pool, you won’t find it?”
“Your biggest weakness is that you have strong feelings. It is the most incomprehensible!”
Mr. Lang laughed, not in a hurry.
He returned to the northern border, pulled up the bronze coffin of King III at the bottom of the lake, and lay in himself, with a hint of playfulness on his face.
“I’m waiting, you will find the longevity pond, and then it will be your turn to beg me.” Th opper coffin creaked, and the lid slowly closed, and then slowly sank into the lake, soon , The lake became calm, as if nothing had happened.
At this moment, Jiang Ning had already returned to the East China Sea.
Everything is calm.
Mr. Lang was locked in the gate of the mountain. He couldn’t make any waves for the time being. If he wanted to rush out of the gate, he would definitely regret it.
Jiang Ning knew that Mr. Lang knew better.
Lin Family Villa.
As soon as Jiang Ning came back, he heard a burst of cheerful laughter.
The old naughty boy squatted on the ground, looking at Jiang Yao sitting in the stroller, trying his best to make her smile.
“Does Master look like a monkey? Do you look like it? Oh oh oh oh~”
He was full of comics, pretending to be a monkey, making Jiang Yao giggled, and the old naughty boy suddenly jumped up.
“Good apprentice, really good, so good-looking!”
He laughed, excited, “Master, can I show you a tiger again?”

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