Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2306

The scary ones are those. There has never been a risk of rumors, which proves that no one has ever survived those crises alive!
For thousands of years, how many outstanding heroes, is it possible that no one has successfully found the longevity pool?
Greedy Wolf just didn’t believe it, he knew that someone would be able to find him, and that person was him!
The two moved forward cautiously. Now it was Jiang Ning who was walking ahead, and the wolf was following Jiang Ning. No one dared to be careless. They both looked around carefully and did not dare to omit a trace.
Jiang Ning looked at the surrounding environment and used the pattern analysis to choose the safest route.
Now what he saw in his eyes was not vegetation, trees, flowers, or snakes, insects, birds, and beasts, but stripes of patterns intertwined together.
He faintly discovered that there seemed to be some formation patterns, which could be divided into a kind of attribute. With a flash of light, Jiang Ning seemed to think of something suddenly.
he walked, pointing in the direction, “then this way.”
“Go two more steps here, take a step back, jump!”
The Greedy Wolf behind him didn’t know what Jiang Ning was doing, but he did not know what Jiang Ning was doing. Only obediently obedient, everything was fine all the way, no accidents happened.
It’s just that Jiang Ning’s route is a bit weird, as if deliberately avoiding something.
Finally, the two of them walked out of the forest and couldn’t help but take a deep breath and adjust their state.
“Finally stepped out.”
Jiang Ning glanced at the distance and walked out of the forest. What came into his eyes was not another mountain forest, but a land of chaos.
Large and small rocks are forested throughout the plain. The big rocks are as high as three stories, but the small ones are just the size of a fist. They are stacked randomly, just like this was once a battlefield, and it was blown up by explosives. appearance.
“What were you doing just now?”
Greedy Wolf asked, “I see you, it seems to be avoiding something, in the forest, is there anything I can’t see?”
Jiang Ning turned his head and glanced at him: “Do you think I will tell you?”
“Humph The greedy wolf is displeased, holding his breath, and can’t spread it out. He really asked this question for nothing. Even if Jiang Ning knew it, he would definitely not tell himself, Jiang Ning, this bastard, would like to kill himself.
“If you beg me, maybe I will tell you.”
Jiang Ning smiled.
Greedy wolf’s face turned straight, “Please be serious!”
“We are not friends, and I know and tell you that when you find the longevity pool, you will definitely die and be killed by my own hands!
” Oh, is it?”
Jiang Ning continued to downplay, so angry that the wolf almost jumped.
He is an old man and has lived for so many years. When did he meet someone with a temper like Jiang Ning and talk to him, he would really be pissed to death.
“Are you…? Shan’er paxiran dyeing the land?”
Greedy wolf snorted, “I didn’t make a joke with you!”
“I know.”
Jiang Ning nodded, “Isn’t this a consensus?”
“Only one person in the longevity pool can Use it, if you don’t kill me, you definitely won’t have a chance to use it.”
He glanced at Greed Wolf, “But, don’t say such things now. Anyway, you can’t kill me now, otherwise you won’t find longevity. Chi, right?”
Greedy wolf shook his head, not wanting to talk nonsense with Jiang Ning.
He was really afraid that he would be mad at Jiang Ning before he found the longevity pool!
Doesn’t this guy know that the two of them are mortal enemies, and the cooperation is temporary, but the identity of the enemy is forever!
Sooner or later, someone will die in the other’s hands.
“How do you go next?”
Jiang Ning asked.
“Ask me what I do?”
Greedy wolf sneered, “Now you come to lead the way, I will follow you behind!”
“Are you not afraid, I dumped you? Then go to the longevity pool by yourself?”
Greedy wolf took a deep breath With a sigh of relief, his back fell and opened his mouth and pointed at Jiang Ning. He couldn’t help but cursed an swear word, but he still held back.
“I’ll go first!”

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