Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2309

The stone is too fast!
Faster than a bullet!
Jiang Ning’s reaction speed was equally fast, avoiding a few lasing stones one after another, but he still had lingering fears.
Even if his body is strong, once he is hit by this kind of stone, he must not penetrate.
“Run away!”
Greedy Wolf shouted.
Jiang Ning wanted to scold him a little.
Will he not escape if he can escape?
He turned his head to look, and couldn’t help but explode a swear word. Those stones rushed towards him, all directed at him, without even going to the wolf.
These stones… are you looking for yourself, are you going to kill yourself!
Jiang Ning dodged from the left to the right, avoiding the attacks of the rocks, but Greedy Wolf stood on the side with the same surprise on his face.
He originally thought that these rocks were alive and wanted to kill him and Jiang Ning, but he didn’t expect that the rocks came, but they all went towards Jiang Ning and ignored him.
At the moment, he was standing there, he didn’t need to move, no rock was moving towards him.
“You find a way to escape!”
Greedy wolf shouted, a little gloating, “It seems that even these rocks don’t like you.” It’s rare for him to be so happy along the way to see Jiang Ning suffer.
“Think of a way!”
Jiang Ning shouted, “If I die, you will definitely not be able to find the longevity pool!”
He couldn’t hold it anymore, and the rolling rocks grew more and more, overwhelming and airtight!
This is different from the black fog before. Jiang Ning’s fists can be shaken away. These rocks are so hard that his fists will smash up, fearing that the bones will crack.
There is no way to head-to-head!
Jiang Ning avoided, already using his speed to the extreme, but the denser mountains and rocks made him a little strenuous.
“What are you still trying to do!”
He roared, seeing Greedy Wolf still watching the excitement, “I don’t want to find the Longevity Pool, right?”
Greedy Wolf snorted and had to say, watching Jiangning be besieged by this pile of rocks. He always felt very comfortable in his heart, and wanted to watch it for a while, but he also knew that if Jiang Ning really died, it would be difficult for him to leave.
Let alone find the longevity pond.
He turned his head and looked at the rolling rocks around him, his eyes flickered, and his pupils reappeared!
Sharp eyes must see through everything!
He found that the rocks seemed to have really come alive, but in fact, these are dead things, how could there be life, at least from his eyes, he didn’t find any signs of life flowing.
“This is a formation!”
Greedy Wolf roared, “Is there something on your body that triggered these formations?”
He looked at Jiang Ning.
What triggered the formation?
There is something in Jiang Ning’s body. He has never been here before, let alone anything that can trigger the formation here.
He looked at Greedy Wolf, thinking carefully about the difference between himself and Greedy Wolf’s body, there seemed to be no difference.
When a huge rock flew, Jiang Ning had no choice but to blast it out with a fist, roaring with violent fist strength, and smashing the rock directly.
There was a tingling pain!
“It’s really hard!”
Jiang Ning couldn’t help but said.
With his current fist, even if it was steel, Jiang Ning would dare to smash it, but these stones were harder than steel. Even with the protection of his fists, there was still pain.
“Just tell me how to break this formation!”
he shouted.
Greedy Wolf shook his head: “How do I know the formation, if I do, what do I need you to do.” Now it was Jiang Ning’s turn to be speechless.
This old thing is really grudges.
But huh?
Array pattern!
Jiang Ning adjusted his breathing, watching the traces of the falling rocks and the changing routes of these rocks, his eyes gradually brightened.
“It’s really an array pattern,”
Jiang Ning secretly said in his heart, “The Greedy Wolf still has two brushes.” His eyes looked towards the Greedy Wolf, and he just saw the double pupil of the Greedy Wolf!

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