Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2312

“A lot of blood!”
He was shocked, “Where is this?”
Looking at the scene, this is not a unilateral massacre, but a fierce fight on the stone pillars. Jiang Ning could even imagine the blood stains that had long been coagulated. It was splashed out after being cut through the throat with a knife.
I don’t know what happened here and there, it would be so miserable.
Jiang Ning has experienced wars, and he can imagine that terrible scene.
Greedy Wolf also didn’t speak, obviously shocked by what he saw before him.
The passage is dangerous, and he is prepared. This way, when encountering a crisis, Greedy Wolf also knows that it is just the tip of the iceberg leading to the passage of the Longevity Pool.
But the traces left behind after a fierce battle still made him somewhat unimaginable.
“What happened here?”
He muttered to himself, “How is it different from what is recorded in the script.”
He has read many scripts, and he has basically seen all the records on the passage of the Longevity Pond. These years For the longevity pool, he didn’t make little preparations.
But I didn’t expect that there is still a battlefield here.
“What is that?”
Jiang Ning suddenly raised his head and saw a few words on the city gate.
“It’s the Nantian Gate.” Greedy wolf glanced down again, and there was a seal-writing door on the fallen piece on the ground.
It turned out to be Nantian Gate here?
Jiang Ning felt the buzzing of his head, and the pictures from the TV series immediately appeared in his mind, the fairy-like Nantian Gate, a group of gray-haired old men flying in the sky, and fairies singing and dancing…
What a joke!
“How could this be Nantian Gate?”
“How do I know.”
Greedy Wolf shook his head, he also felt incredible.
“Maybe it’s just the same name that someone deliberately took.”
He didn’t dare to connect with that place in the legend, it was simply a fantasy, something more unreal than Changshengchi heard.
Neither of them spoke, but in such a place, the faint murderous aura was still floating in the air!
This battlefield is real!
The faint smell of blood can still get into their noses, telling them that terrible battles have taken place here. Many people have died and a lot of blood has shed… The fog is getting thicker and thicker.
The city gate was in the mist, faintly wrong, and it looked very unreal.
But Jiang Ning didn’t feel that these were all fantasies. His heart was beating violently, and there was even a sad mood rising in his heart.
With a strong man like him, his mind is extremely tenacious, and he will not be easily affected by the external environment, but that feeling is so real that Jiang Ning can’t control it at all.
“What the hell is going on?”
Jiang Ning looked up, and the wolf was gone.
The thick fog has already led the Greedy Wolf to where he did not know.
Jiang Ning yelled a few times but didn’t respond. He had to walk into the Nantian Gate cautiously, staying vigilant and not daring to be careless.
This place is very dangerous. He can feel that it will definitely not be safer than the place before, where there is no human presence, and there is not even any breath of life, but Jiang Ning’s intuition tells him that it is dangerous here!
May die at any time!
“The person is gone.”
Jiang Ning looked around, the fog was still thick and he couldn’t see anything. He walked carefully every step, not daring to be careless.
He can’t see Greedy Wolf, nor can Greedy Wolf see him. If the fog clears, they will find that the two people are walking in completely opposite directions.
Jiang Ning continued to walk, feeling that the exhaustion on his body had disappeared. These mists seemed to have a very special effect, allowing one’s body to always be in an optimal state!
He suddenly felt his eyes widen. “The fog is going to disperse?”

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