Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2332

Guan Yi’s body trembled, even though he was the lord of the thirteenth hall!
He has an amazing strength, but in front of the greedy wolf, in front of the demon king, he is nothing at all.
“I surrender.”
He knelt down after all and bowed his head.
He knew very well that if he dared to say one more disrespectful word, Greed Wolf would kill himself without hesitation, and then change to another palace owner.
Once the demon king, this is not the first time he has done this kind of thing!
“You are still smart.”
Greedy Wolf said lightly.
Soon, he will not see off Italy, did not looked down on him, looked up and glanced around, swept in the other seventeen Dianzhu face, “But there are people satisfied?” “Long live the devil!”
The crowd together Shouted, the soldiers behind him sounded louder, ear-shattering!
“Long live the devil!” The sound is like a huge thunder!
Greedy Wolf nodded in satisfaction, and then strode towards the Great Hall of the Catacombs.
Golden light was shining everywhere, and the hall in the depths of the cave was clearly far away, but Greedy Wolf only took two steps, and he was directly in front of the hall. The strange footwork made the hall masters horrified.
The devil is still that devil, even more ferocious and cruel than the devil at the time.
How could it not be terrible to accumulate hostility and ferocity for hundreds of years?
Greedy Wolf went straight to the highest position and sat down on the black stone chair carved with skeletons.
Below, the lord of the eighteen halls, kneeling down together, shouted respectfully: “See Demon King!” The momentum is magnificent!
The voice echoed throughout the hall.
Greedy Wolf half-closed his eyes and said lightly: “Get up.”
“In the first battle, the heavenly palace was destroyed, and I almost fell with it. Do you think that this cave is yours?”
The main hall masters standing below did not dare to speak.
“Quartet melee, turf and resources, great courage you ah,”
Wolf bluntly, “will be my cave, made so confusing, really when I die is not it!”
Eighteen temple Lord, knelt down together.
“I can’t wait!”
Everyone was terrified, the power of the demon king was too terrifying.
“You better not dare.”
Greedy wolf snorted, “This time, I don’t need to care about you, the next time I will kill you all one by one!”
His tone was the same as before. It’s exactly the same, fierce and cruel!
The eighteen hall masters were even more sure that the person in front of him was the original Demon King, even more cruel than the original Demon King.
They didn’t dare to speak, so they could only kneel there and lower their heads. The self-confidence and vanity that they had built over the past few hundred years, still in that kind of lofty posture, instantly fell apart in front of the greedy wolf!
“The temple is destroyed, but there are still inheritances,”
Greed Wolf said, “I want you to find these inheritances and completely destroy them. This is your current task, understand?”
“Yes!” the eighteen hall masters shouted.
The Heavenly Palace hasn’t been completely destroyed yet?
Back then, the crypts used all of their power? Even more than half of the hall masters, including the demon king, were destroyed. If it weren’t for the dead hall masters, many of them, where would they have the opportunity to go further?
Greedy Wolf asked them to retreat to correct the team. The originally chaotic, sand-like crypt was integrated by him in a short time.
In front of the devil, no one dared to make times!
Even these palace masters, as long as they are greedy for wolves, they will undoubtedly die!
In the crypt, the demon king’s position is supreme, and he is full of dominance. No one can compete, and no one can provoke. Otherwise, it will only be a dead end.
Greedy wolf sat there, looking at the empty hall at the moment, his eyes were long, passing through the hall, as if he had seen Jiangning in the East China Sea!
“You didn’t die before,”
he said lightly, “but now you are no longer my opponent.”

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