Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2344

Although the main body has changed and the seizure was not successful, it was swallowed by the greedy wolf, but the power of the devil still exists, and will be used by the greedy wolf as much as possible.
“But now, Tiangong is showing signs of recovery.”
Greedy wolf narrowed his eyes and thought of Jiang Ning.
That guy didn’t even die.
He really couldn’t understand. When he saw Jiang Ning that day, Jiang Ning was obviously dead, how could he still be alive?
Judging by the news he has now, Jiang Ning has not died, but has gained some inheritance just like himself. What he has obtained is the inheritance and power of the Demon King, and what Jiang Ning has obtained must be the Lord of the Heavenly Palace.
The memory in his mind tells Greed Wolf that if the inheritance of the Lord of the Heavenly Palace is still there, there will be signs of recovery from that palace.
Once the Tiangong recovers, the crypt will be threatened with extinction!
How could he let this happen?
Yumeng hesitated looking at Greedy Wolf.
“It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with you, whether it’s a heavenly palace or a crypt, right?”
Greed Wolf is a person who likes freedom very much. He doesn’t like being bound by anything. How could he care about this? He chased after him? What you want is always the limit of martial arts, and you want to be the most powerful person in this world.
Yumeng knows this well.
“It used to have nothing to do with me, but now,”
Greedy Wolf shook his head, “It’s a big deal .”
“I’m not just Greedy Wolf, I’m the Demon Lord of the Underground!”
He looked at Yumeng, “I must guard the Underground. , So that the Tiangong has no possibility of recovery, because once the Tiangong is restored, the crypt will be destroyed…” Of the two forces, there will always be one that will perish, and it will completely disappear from this world.
The previous battle caused heavy losses to the crypt, and after so many years of cultivation and rejuvenation, it was restored to its current state.
Although Tiangong has been destroyed, even if there is only a chance, Greedy Wolf will kill this chance in the cradle!
Especially, if this opportunity is in Jiang Ning’s hands, then he needs to do it as soon as possible, so as not to give Jiang Ning the slightest chance.
He knew exactly what kind of person Jiang Ning was. Once he was given time and opportunity, it would be very troublesome.
Jiang Ning, must die!
Looking at the Greedy Wolf in front of him, his face was slightly hideous, Yumeng was still very calm, but a little surprised, and said: “You have changed.”
“I haven’t changed.”
Greedy Wolf shook his head.
“I still love you. This point, no matter what happens, it will not change. I am always waiting for you.”
His confession has never hesitated or hesitated, just like what he said from the heart. No need to organize language.
“You didn’t like bondage before. You don’t care about any rights and status, but now, you have changed.”
Yumeng said, “What do you want to do for this?”
“Want to kill? Who else are you going to kill? ? ”
Wolf looked at her, did not speak.
He walked to the edge of the cliff, looking at the boiling volcano in the distance, looking at the turbidity and depression in the air. Compared with the environment of Tiangong, the crypt is not suitable for human survival at all, but this kind of place is often the most To sharpen people’s will.
If only one of the two forces can remain, it can only be him.
If Jiang Ning wants to revive the Heavenly Palace, then he must kill Jiang Ning!
There is no doubt about it, and there is absolutely no possibility of the second possibility.
“I will kill whoever blocks me!”
After a long silence, the wolf greedy said domineeringly, “Anyone who stops me should die!”
He turned his head and looked at Yumeng. The cold eyes exuded a chill, as if these words were meant for Yumeng. Yes, even if it was Yumeng who stopped him, he would still die!
“I want to be the strongest in the world, the only strongest!”
Greed Wolf said, “This world, there is only me, standing at the highest point, and everyone else can only surrender to me, do you understand?”

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