Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 245

Master Fu was really surprised. He didn’t expect Jiang Ning to take the initiative.
According to his plan, once Lu Xun and Tyrannosaurus went to the East China Sea, he would let Can Jian take action and kill Lu Xun.
As for Tyrannosaurus, he will leave it to Jiang Ning.
But where did you think that Jiang Ning was so strong!
Kill both Tyrannosaurus and Lu Xun directly, without mercy!
I still underestimated Jiang Ning.
At this moment, Master Fu’s fear of Jiang Ning became more and more profound.
He set up this game to deliberately involve Jiang Ning. Even if Jiang Ning loses to Lu Qian, he can consume at least part of Lu Qian’s strength.
Where can I think that Jiang Ning is so vigorous!
Once Jiang Ning wins, then he will be passive.
“Interesting, interesting.”
Master Fu poured a cup of tea, looked at the cup and laughed, “The next generation is terrible.”
Can Jian did not speak.
Face to face with Jiang Ning, he knew that Jiang Ning was very strong, terribly strong!
At this age, his vitality has declined, but his strength is still half a grandmaster, but Jiang Ning can’t see through it, he only knows that he will not be weaker than himself.
But it was difficult for Jiang Ning to face Lu Qian, Blood Dragon and Ice Dragon alone.
Behind Jiang Ning, there was no support from the big northern forces. Lu Qian and the others were killed in the East China Sea, and Jiang Ning might be doomed to escape.
But the struggle in the underground circle is so cruel, life and death are the most common things.
Now everyone’s attention is on Linhai!
At that time.
Back to Linhai overnight, it was still more than three o’clock in the morning.
Lu’s hall is brightly lit!
Constantly crying and sobbing.
On the ground, lying two dead bodies, covered with white cloth, looked gloomy and depressed.
“Ah…Xun’er, my Xun’er!”
Mrs. Lu had been crying a few times, sitting on the chair at the moment, muttering blankly, the tears on her face washed away the heavy makeup.
“Patriarch is back!”
There was a shout from someone outside, and immediately, Lu Qian took the blood dragon and the ice dragon and walked in quickly.
Hearing Lu Qian’s return, Mrs. Lu raised her head suddenly, like a ghost.
“Lu Qian! You bastard!”
She flew over, grabbed Lu Qian’s face and slapped, “You can’t even keep your son! What’s the use of you! Ah!”
Lu Qian pushed Mrs. Lu away: “Get away!”
He asked Mrs. Lu to take him down, immediately walked to the corpse, and lifted the white cloth.
At that moment, Lu Qian’s body shook suddenly.
It’s Lu Xun!
He is really dead!
Lu Xun, who was lying on the ground at the moment, was completely cold, already stiff, and his pale face was still wide-eyed, full of horror.
As if before dying, I saw something terrifying!
Lu Qian clenched his fists, his lips trembling.
He lifted another piece of white cloth, and the Tyrannosaurus had all his limbs broken, and his face was so swollen that he could hardly be recognized.
The fear on his face is exactly the same as Lu Xun!
The blood dragon clenched his fists, his joints creaked, “Who killed my brother!”
Lu Xun is dead, and so is the Tyrannosaurus!
Of their five brothers, there are only two left now!
“Who sent them back?”
Lu Qian’s anger couldn’t be suppressed at all, and the murderous aura in his voice almost boiled over.
“A few people from the East China Sea said they sent Lu Shao lost, strayed into the East China Sea, sent Lu Shao home, where did they think…”
Where did you think that the corpse was sent back!
“What about people!”
Lu Qian burst into laughter.
“Go… gone.”
The servants of the Lu family trembled with fright.
When they saw the bodies of Lu Xun and Tyrannosaurus, they were already shocked. At this moment, Lu Qian was furious. Who would dare to provoke him?
If you make a mistake, you are dead!

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