Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 249

The car door opened, and the crowds rushed out.
Everyone wore mourning clothes.
But for a moment, the road was full of people, and everyone’s eyes were staring ahead!
A chair was placed on the open space on the side of the road. Jiang Ning sat there, just enjoying the sunshine.
He tilted his head slightly, leaned on a chair, looked at Lu Qian and others who got out of the car, and smiled lightly: “I heard that the people from Linhai Lu’s family are coming to the East China Sea? Sorry, we don’t welcome you here. Go back wherever you are.”
Brother Gou and others suddenly became excited, like a man who had been holding back for several years, suddenly saw a beautiful woman.
Thirty people, thirty evil wolves!
All rushed out.
They knew that the Ice Dragon and others belonged to Jiang Ning, so they had no intention of stopping them, and they passed the Ice Dragon and killed the three hundred people!
The roar is loud!
Thirty people rushed to the opposite side, which made the people Lu Qian brought, all of them angry to the extreme.
And Jiang Ning sat on the chair, even with one leg resting on the other, as if he didn’t put them in his eyes at all.
Such a person, dare to be so arrogant?
Why is he arrogant!

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