Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 277

Jiang Ning didn’t say anything.
Can Jian can be regarded as a real person in the world, and brother loyalty is more important to him than his own life.
“Master Fu, on Huangquan Road, at least you are not alone. You have such a brother.”
Jiang Ning said in his heart.
He was silent for a moment, then turned to look at Brother Dog: “Someone will come here soon, let the brothers be prepared.”
Brother Gou’s eyes flashed: “Yes!”
At this moment, the whole country is paying attention to the whereabouts and whereabouts of Can Jian.
The wanted order has been issued, and both the ground and underground circles are chasing and killing the Remnant Sword, not to mention that the Luo Family has used a lot of power, and even Ye Xinhuo personally shot it, and it is about to kill the Remnant Sword himself!
The Luo family members were all recalled, contracted into the family, and were not allowed to go out.
In the past few decades, when has the Luo family been so embarrassed?
Being killed by a martial arts master who was nearly fifty years old, he could only be shrunk at home and became the laughing stock of the major forces in the north.
But in the same way, the deterrence of martial arts masters also completely made those big powers understand that it is not enough to have power and powerful martial arts masters are needed around them.
After all, such a deterrent is too shocking!
North, Luo family.
Luo Family Patriarch Luo Yong slammed the quilt to the ground, and said angrily, “Just a broken sword, you can’t kill it? Waste!”
“It’s all waste!”
“My Luo family was killed twelve people, twelve people!”
“He is alone, why can’t you help him?”
He was furious and glared at Ye Xinhuo: “Do you have anything to say!”
Ye Xinhuo bowed slightly, his face also ugly.
Fighting with Can Jian twice, they both let him escape.
He had never put Can Jian in his heart, but he did not expect that the older he grew, his understanding of kendo would improve. It was even stronger than it was ten years ago.
Luo Yonggan was furious, and none of the people standing in front of him dared to speak.
The Luo family is forced to this kind of sake, can he not be angry?
The great northern power, even if it is not a big family, is always upstream, but what about now?
Everyone is laughing at him!
Raising a dog, he was bitten by his own dog, and bitten so hard, what face does he have!
“As long as I meet him again, I will definitely kill him!”
Ye Xinhuo pressed angrily.
“Last time, Remnant Sword was seriously injured. Where is it now? Have you found it?”
Luo Yongqian pressed his anger, his thick eyebrows were covered with chills, “He is so cunning, will he come out easily now?”
Can Jian lives, and lives in the dark. To his Luo Family, it will always be a sword that will fall on his neck at any time!
Could it be that the people of his Luo family have to stay at home forever and dare not even go out?
When has he been so suffocated!
“As long as you can lead him out!”
Ye Xinhuo said sternly, “If I can’t kill him again, I will commit suicide by Ye Xinhuo!”
The people around, trembling all over, did not expect Ye Xinhuo to say such harsh words.
Luo Yongqian also suppressed his anger, took a deep look at Ye Xinhuo, was silent for a moment, and said, “Okay! Then lead him out, I’ll be the bait!”
No one is more suitable and attractive than him.
What Can Jian wanted to kill most was himself, wanting to avenge his old brother Fu Ye.
“Patriarch, no!”
“Too dangerous!”
Several people shouted immediately.
Let Luo Yongqian be the bait, it would be too risky. If the Sword went crazy and really killed Luo Yongqian or seriously injured him, then the Luo family would be really dangerous.
“Shut up all to me!”
Luo Yonggan roared, and the others dared not speak any more. He stared at Ye Xinhuo, “My life is in your hands!”

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