Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 28

In less than a minute, Jiang Ning beat all sixty or seventy people to the ground. She hasn’t been relieved up to now.
Around, the construction workers were equally flustered, and after working hard for a long time, they calmed down and continued construction.
It’s just that not far away, the sixty-eight people, all tied together with ropes, looked a little shocking.
At that time.
Hot spring club.
Heihu wore a floral shirt with two floral arms, his face full of hideousness.
Even in the underground circle, he deliberately cultivated his own taste.
Drinking liquor in a goblet is his original creation.
Just made 5 million, always have to celebrate.
“Brother, your phone.”
The subordinates walked in quickly, “It’s Huang Yuming.”
Hearing the name Huang Yuming, Heihu’s eyes flashed with surprise, and immediately he looked disdainful.
“What does he call me for? Not everyone is already a high-end person in the earth circle.”
Huang Yuming used to be in the underground circle, but he grew up too fast, and is now a successful businessman.
It is much easier for businessmen to make money than them, and there is no risk.
Heihu answered the phone and joked, “Why, Mr. Huang called me, is there a business to cooperate with me?”
“Heihu, you are so courageous, even my business is broken?”
Unexpectedly, Huang Yuming’s tone is cold and not at all polite, “Sixty-eight people, all of them are with me now, 6.8 million, one penny less, no one can go back!”
After speaking, Huang Yuming hung up directly.
The black tiger’s eyelids twitched.
The people he sent out seemed to be sixty-eight, all of them planted?
That project is still related to Huang Yuming?
Lin Qiang of Dog Day, didn’t tell him!
“Contact Lao He!”
Black Tiger said immediately.
“Brother, I can’t get in touch!”
Heihu instantly understood that Huang Yuming was not joking.
6.8 million is one hundred thousand per person. Huang Yuming not only sells it, he has to pack it, and he won’t be able to return if he doesn’t pay for it.
He just made 5 million, now he is going to vomit 6.8 million?
How could the black tiger be willing, but Huang Yuming was also ruthless. Of course he knew that if he didn’t give money, he would definitely not let anyone go.
This lets the other brothers know, and I’m afraid it will distract people.
“This trick is really ruthless.”
Heihu sneered and stood up directly, “I will go to see Huang Yuming in person!”
They are all people in the same circle. Although they dare not say how good the relationship is, they don’t want to make things rigid for such a thing.
Isn’t it a matter of face, Black Tiger understands.
He immediately asked people to drive and drove himself to Huang Yuming’s company.
“Little girl, tell you Mr. Huang and say that the old friend Heihu is looking for him.”
Heihu was quite polite, did not go up directly, and stood at the front desk and said something.
The young girl at the front desk saw Heihu’s fierce look and ten people behind her, she couldn’t help feeling a little nervous, and hurriedly called the secretary’s office to explain the situation.
“Mr. Black Tiger, President Huang invites you to go up.”
Putting down the phone, the little girl at the front desk said.
Heihu went straight up the stairs and reached the top floor.
In Huang Yuming’s office, he was sitting there, hearing the sound of knocking on the door, and said lightly: “Please come in.”
Heihu walked in, and his subordinates were waiting outside.
“Not bad, but Mr. Huang is still good. The business is so big.”
He looked at the layout of the office, thinking to himself, he went back and changed his own room to the same.
I have been in the underground circle for a long time, always thinking about going ashore and washing my body clean.
Heihu walked to the sofa and sat down, squinting his eyes and said, “Mr. Huang, we haven’t seen each other for many days, right?”
“It’s been over a year.”
Huang Yuming still sat there, did not get up, “So, you even broke my business?”
“Misunderstanding! Everything is a misunderstanding!”
Heihu smiled and said, “They are all brothers in the circle. Although I am greedy for money, Heihu is not going to fight against Mr. Huang for such a small amount of money.”
“Actually, I really don’t know about this business. It has something to do with Mr. Huang. Lin Qiang didn’t tell me the bastard.”
Heihu scolded, “If he knew that it was Mr. Huang’s business, he would just give me 10 million, and I would not dare.”
Huang Yuming looked at Heihu’s smile with a knife hidden in his heart. He knew very well that as long as the money is enough for a person like Heihu, let alone dealing with himself, he would dare to do more crazy things!

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