Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 293

At first, it was his only son who was interrupted by Jiang Ning, and then because of this incident, even the woman he loved the most was played with by Lu Xun, still in front of him!
And now Lin has entered the provincial capital, constantly squeezing the living space of the Jin family industry.
This is a life-and-death struggle!
His Jin family has always been at a disadvantage, but now, it’s different, completely different.
Jin Yang was a little excited when Qi Yun said this.
“Shao Qi, this Lin family is not easy to provoke.”
He still said something, but obviously with a kind of provocation, “It is said that the people who provoke them have no good end, we…”
Jin Yang spoke euphemistically, with a hint of warning, which made Qi Yun feel a little uncomfortable.
“not to be trifled?”
Qi Yun squinted his eyes and glanced at Jin Yang, with disdain on his face and made no secret of it, “Jin Patriarch, I am afraid you don’t know how different ordinary families are from our northern families.”
“Just like the sky and the earth, that kind of huge gully is something ordinary people like you can’t cross in your entire life, do you understand?”
“It’s okay, you can send someone to give me Qi Yun’s name. As long as the Lin family is not a fool, you know what to do.”
The Lin family in a small city, Qi Yun wanted to laugh.
Dare to contend with their northern families?
That’s beyond self-reliance!
That’s selfish humiliation!
“Yes! Let Jin Ran handle this matter!”
Jin Yang said immediately.
He turned his head and glanced at Jin Ran, who was sitting on the side and had not spoken.
After the legs were healed, Jin Ran’s temper became violent.
This is all thanks to Jiangning!
He just wanted to take revenge now. He killed Jiang Ning. He wanted to really push Lin Yu to the ground and vent his anger frantically.
Jin Yang deliberately said in a loud voice, “Why don’t you offer more and less wine.”
Jin Ran immediately picked up the wine glass: “Shao Qi, there are many interesting places in this provincial city. I will show you all of them tomorrow, how about?”
The eyes of the two people paired, and Qi Yun immediately knew where Jin Ran was going to take him.
“Normal goods, I have no interest.”
“Don’t worry, Qi Shao, there are a few Oriental horses recently, which have been well tuned and will definitely satisfy you!”
When Qi Yun heard this, he burst into laughter.
He directly picked up the wine glass: “Then I’ll take a good rest and adjust my state.”
“Okay! Shao Qi, please!”
Jin Ran drank the wine in one sip and immediately got up, already a little impatient.
He wished that Jiang Ning would die immediately, the Lin family would be destroyed, and Lin Yu would really be under his crotch, begging for mercy in pain!
Without a trace of hesitation, Jin Ran set off directly. This time, he was so confident that he didn’t even bring a bodyguard.
Because he is now the representative of the northern Qi family!
His representative is Qi Yun, the second son of the Qi family!
What Lin family, what Jiang Ning, I am afraid they will only tremble in fear when they hear the words Qijia.
When Jiang Ning and Lin are resolved, no matter how well he entertains Qi Yun, the relationship with the Qi family will naturally be better. He can already guess where the future Jin family can go.
At that time, he was Jin Ran, and he would become the most prestigious person in this sea province!
The car was sprinting, Jin Ran couldn’t wait, and the hostility on his face became stronger and stronger all the way.
“Jiangning…you are ready to kneel in front of me and beg for mercy!”
Even if he were the dog of the Qi family, it would be enough to crush the entire East China Sea.

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