Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 303

This account cannot be ignored.
The Luo family was embarrassed, not only because of the loss of the underground circle of Tianhai Provincial City, but also because of Ye Kuang’s affairs that made everyone laugh at the Luo family.
If they don’t kill Jiang Ning, the Luo family will always be the laughing stock of others.
“This Jiangning must be killed!”
Luo Yonggan said sternly, “But we have to wait!”
He is a cautious person, not sure what exactly is behind Jiang Ning, so he dare not start easily.
“Someone has already visited Jiang’s house, and there will be news soon. As long as you make sure that Jiangning has nothing to do with this Jiang’s house, then you can do it right away!”
Luo Yong said coldly, “Not only do you have to do it, but it must also be loud and loud! Let others know that the Tianhai Underground Circle is still my Luo family!”
Ye Xinhuo nodded: “I understand.”
He is now waiting for the result, waiting to see whether this Jiang Ning has anything to do with the real giant Jiang family.
if there is not……
Don’t blame yourself for being cruel!
Ye Kuang’s matter is now the biggest joke in the north, making Luo Family a laughingstock again.
Many people were killed by the pit of the broken sword and forced the tortoise to stay at home. Now it is good. After solving the broken sword, he was stripped and hung from the lighthouse.
The Luo family was originally low-key, but now, they can’t keep a low-key low-key.
Nowadays, not only the Luo family, but also the families who left Tianhai in despair, are also guessing Jiang Ning’s identity.
Many people suspect that this Jiangning is a member of the Jiang family, the northern giant, and naturally someone has used various means to verify it.
Jiang family!
The real giants in the north, the Jiang family!
If a family like the Luo family is considered to be a large family in the north, then the Jiang family is a tycoon that surpasses them, an existence they can only look up to.
Each of this top-level family is a behemoth and will not easily be shot.
But once it is shot, it will surely set off a frenzy!
The Jiang family’s compound was very quiet, and the servants never dared to make a loud noise, and the rules were strict, and no one dared to go beyond it.
In the study at this time, a middle-aged man was practicing calligraphy on his desk.
Through the rice paper, the brush is vigorous and powerful, and it also carries the vigor of everyone!
“Master, someone has come to explore again.”
A voice came from outside the study.
The man’s pen didn’t stop, he was still writing his own things, but it was obvious that the strokes became faster, and it was a little messy. Compared with the calm and calm before, it seemed that there was still some anger in it.
“Probably, there are eight companies focusing on the young master, I am afraid there will be no less trouble.”
Outside the door, another voice came.
Upon hearing this, the man in the study snorted, “What young master?”
“This guy doesn’t admit to being from my Jiang family at all! What kind of young master is he?”
“He has the ability, he is now a dragon and phoenix among the people, and I look down on my Jiang family!”
The man in suit outside the door did not dare to speak.
The middle-aged man was angry, but not at Jiang Ning, but at himself.
If she could hold on to it back then, Jiang Ning’s mother and son would not be driven out of Jiang’s family, and she would never die, and Jiang Ning would never hate herself or deny her father!
He was very happy to learn that Jiang Ning was going to withdraw from that place, because he knew very well that staying in that place could die at any time!
Even if Jiang Ning’s current strength and status are no longer what it used to be, his master is that lunatic!
But the result?
He sent someone to find Jiang Ning, but was driven away by Jiang Ning. He also brought a message to himself, asking if he wanted Jiang Ning’s power or money!
This bastard kid is mocking himself, he won’t forgive himself at all!

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