Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 306

The atmosphere became more and more tense, more and more depressing, just like the smell of explosives in the air.
When Ye Xinhuo goes south to the East China Sea, it will detonate instantly!
There were too many people from the north, and they entered the Tianhai provincial city again, completely forgetting Jiang Ning’s previous warnings.
A dying person, who else would care?
Even, there are already several families who have secretly started discussing how to divide resources without putting Jiang Ning in their eyes.
The controller of the underground circle of a small city has nothing to do with that giant Jiang family in the north. Who else would be afraid of?
Jiang Ning didn’t care about this at all.
He didn’t show the slightest nervousness or worry, what he was like before, he is still what he is now.
Go to bed and get up early, eat breakfast prepared by Lin Yuzhen, send Lin Yuzhen to get off work, and accompany her in hot springs for SPA.
The difference is that Su Mei replaced them with a bigger quilt, fearing that they might catch a cold if the quilt is too small if they go to bed at night.
Time passed day by day.
tenth day!
“Ye Xinhuo is here!”
“He has traveled from the north to the south, and he will be able to reach the East China Sea today!”
“Let’s all go and see! Let’s see how Jiang Ning died!”
“Hahaha, Jiangning boy, you are arrogant, today is your death date!”
The location of the decisive battle was set on a small island outside the East China Sea port. Early, Brother Gou and the others made preparations.
They did not prohibit people from approaching, and even offered a lot of ships to transport spectators who wanted to watch the decisive battle.
Especially those who come from the north, each person’s ticket is 500,000!
“Death is coming, and I still want to make money!”
“Bah! Can’t I take a boat by myself?”
“Five hundred thousand! Why the hell don’t you grab it?”
Brother Gou didn’t pay any attention to it, half a million tickets, if you didn’t buy a ticket, you still want to see your eldest brother make a deal?
Is your playing fee so low as my eldest brother?
Jiang Ning is not dead yet, no one dares to make trouble in the East China Sea, and Gou and others don’t have to give any face.
In order to see Jiang Ning being killed by Ye Xinhuo, those people put up with it. After paying for it, Brother Dog wrote a ticket and threw it to them, letting them board the boat and head to the island.
Seeing a ship carrying people over, Brother Dog counted the number of people and nodded: “It’s okay, Dongcheng sewage treatment fund is enough, seal the dock, no one is allowed to approach!”
“Brother Dog, what about when they come back?”
“Hehe, the fare is expensive, one million per person, there are still several inland rivers in the southern district to be cleaned up, almost money.”
Those who refuse to buy tickets back, then prepare to celebrate the New Year on the island.
At this moment, the sea breeze is hunting!
A flat piece of land was cleared on the island, and people stood in all directions.
The violent sea breeze made people’s eyes unable to open, but no one left, they were all waiting quietly for the moment when Jiang Ning died tragically!
“Why haven’t you come yet?”
“Damn, I was so cold! Why did Ye Xinhuo choose such a ghost place!”
“There are quilted jackets for sale over there, one for one hundred thousand, it’s really a robbery!”
In the crowd, some people cursed, they were all about to die, and they were still thinking about making money. When Jiang Ning died, how could they keep the money?
You have to vomit it all before covering the heat!
“Come! Ye Xinhuo is here! It’s the Luo family’s boat!”
Suddenly, someone shouted!
In the distance, a yacht galloping in, Ye Xinhuo standing in front of the yacht is like a benchmark!
He stood there as if nailed to the bow, letting the gusts roar, and stayed still.
This is a real martial arts master!
Jiang Ning is sure to die!

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