Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 315

I’m afraid it’s not just for targeting, right?
Of course Jiang Ning could guess it.
The Lin Group is developing very fast now, and anyone with a little foresight can see that the Lin Group in the future will definitely become a behemoth.
As a competitor, you can either suppress and kill Lin in the cradle, or take advantage of Lin’s still just a seedling, intervene in, gradually control, hold or acquire, this is the method that those giants are best at using now.
It seems that the Lin Group has already been targeted.
“The Yang Family?”
Jiang Ning raised his eyebrows, “I haven’t heard of it.”
Naturally, Jiang Ning would never have heard of this kind of family entrenched in various quarters, and he couldn’t even take it to heart.
Steward Zhao nodded. He did not say that he had prepared all the information that the Yang family could find.
Because he knew that for Jiang Ning, these were at best a small trouble and not a threat. He was just a reminder of Jiang Ning.
“Lao Zhao, the penetration of intelligence networks is not only in the south, but not just in the country. Do you know what I mean?”
Jiang Ning looked at Steward Zhao and said.
What he wants is a bigger picture!
It is necessary for Manager Zhao to further expand and penetrate their intelligence network to a larger area.
Steward Zhao nodded. Of course he knew Jiang Ning’s ambitions. “So, I need more people, especially those who are familiar with the provincial capital.”
“No, I want to ask Mr. Jiang for a few people.”
Jiang Ning smiled and said, “Regulations, right? At the Donghai vegetable market, it’s calm and quiet. If you need someone, you just ask him directly.”
“Okay, then I will know.”
“The tea is good, come and drink it another day.”
Jiang Ning got up and left the club.
Steward Zhao said that he didn’t care too much. Someone caused Lin to trouble him. He didn’t worry about minor troubles. He could even take this opportunity to exercise Lin Yuzhen.
If it’s a big trouble, hehe, what can a small Yang family cause that can’t solve the big trouble by yourself?
The development of the Lin Group is destined, and Lin Yu will really become a woman at the top of the business world.
A better woman than that guy.
This is Jiangning’s goal.
Lin Yuzhen at this moment is arranging work.
After Lin gained a foothold in the provincial capital, people from the same industry have come to visit Tianhai provincial capital, and there are even a few who are industry giants in other provinces and cities!
This opportunity to learn from each other is rare.
“President Lin, there are so many representatives all at once this time. It seems that they are still very concerned about the rise of the Lin family.”
Secretary Xiao Zhao said, “Someone suggested whether we should set up an exchange meeting so that everyone can communicate further.”
Lin Yu really nodded, she also had this idea.
“Communication meetings are necessary. Firstly, to narrow the distance with representatives from other regions, and secondly to promote exchanges, the entire industry can be further improved.”
She thought for a while, “But in the provincial capital, we don’t have so many people who can arrange it.”
This is not the East China Sea. Lin has only one station here. Will Lin temporarily let them come from the East China Sea again?
“Brother Ning.”
Xiao Zhao couldn’t help saying, “Brother Ning has so many friends in the provincial capital…”
Lin Yu really glared at her: “How do you know?”
“Brother Ning said when he robbed me of snacks and said that there was any trouble in the provincial capital, so I asked him the first time.”
She is still a little proud.
The feeling of being covered up is definitely good.
While talking, Jiang Ning walked in with two ice creams in his hand and one bite in his mouth.
“Buy two get one free, Xiao Zhao, you are really lucky, otherwise I won’t buy it for you.”
Jiang Ning said with a smile.
“Thank you Ning!”
Xiao Zhao is really not welcome. He snatched one immediately, tore the package and stuffed it in his mouth, “Ms. Lin asked Ning for something to say, I will withdraw first!”

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