Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 34

Lin Yu was really scolded, even more ugly.
“Don’t think that you are in charge of this project now, and you will be overwhelmed. I am willing to do this project for you. You should be grateful to your uncle. Without his recommendation, I would not give you this opportunity.”
This is very straightforward.
Lin Yuzhen suddenly felt a little ironic. He worked hard and worked hard. How much wronged did he suffer?
Lin Qiang not only didn’t have any help, he was still secretly making a trip, but now it’s good, Lin Xiao even let himself be grateful to him.
Thank him for always embarrassing himself.
“Grandpa, you have been partial to their family since you were young, I don’t say anything,”
Lin Yu really took a deep breath, “But in the face of right and wrong, can you have a little principle?”
Lin Xiao was furious and slapped on the table, “You dare to talk to me like this!”
He glared at Lin Yuzhen, but he didn’t expect her to be so big or small.
“Lin Wen! This is the daughter you taught? If you don’t know how to teach, don’t give birth!”
Lin Xiao yelled, “What’s the use of having a money-losing man? Can my Lin family count on you? Get out of here!”
Lin Wen wanted to argue, but he found that he couldn’t say anything.
Seeing Lin Yuzhen’s extremely aggrieved appearance, he blamed himself, he was ashamed, as a father, he could not shelter his daughter from the wind and rain, even if he suffered such contempt and insult!
Lin Wen clenched his fists tightly, and had never been so desperate as today.
“Yuzhen, let’s go.”
He took a deep look at Lin Xiao, and for the first time felt that this father was already very far away from him.
Lin Yu didn’t really say anything, and pushed Lin Wen away.
Behind him, Lin Xiao was still cursing.
“The moth! It’s a family of moths! I don’t have any gratitude. I’m really blind. I will give you a chance!”
The hearts of Lin Wen and his daughter were aching. Such humiliating words would come out of their closest population.
When they walked out of the villa’s door, neither of them looked pretty.
There is grievance, helplessness, disappointment, and anger!
Jiang Ning had guessed it a long time ago.
After this time, they should understand that the Lin family has nothing to do with them.
The reason why they can stay in Lin’s house is only because Lin Yuzhen is still worthy of use now.
Once this project is completed, Lin Xiao will kick Lin Yuzhen out of the Lin family without hesitation!
He didn’t ask, just walked over, took Lin Yuzhen, and pushed Lin Wen’s wheelchair: “Yuzhen, go to the car door, let’s go home.”
The atmosphere in the car is a little dull.
Lin Wen sat in the back row, finally couldn’t help but slammed a fist on his unconscious leg in anger.
“Waste! Waste!”
Lin Wen hit his leg, “Lin Wen, you are just a trash!”
Lin Yu really felt distressed. Turning her head, tears couldn’t help streaming out, “Don’t do this.”
“Yuzhen, Dad is useless, I’m sorry! I made you feel wronged like this.”
Lin Wen’s lips trembled.
He blamed himself and was even more ashamed.
If you are not disabled, this is definitely not the case.
Even if Lin Xiao thinks that Qing Lin Yu is really a girl, at least he can protect her from the wind and rain, not to let people bully her.
“Dad, I didn’t blame you, really, I never blame you.”
Lin Yuzhen shook his head, “Dad and Mom love me very much and give me the best. I know that you don’t have to blame yourself.”
Today, she thoroughly saw that their family had little weight in Lin Xiao’s eyes.
Even if they work harder, what’s the use?
After all, it is better for Lin Qiang to say a few nice words.
Lin Wen grabbed his hair. He hated his incompetence. The more Lin Yuzhen comforted him, the more guilty he became.
“Dad, Yuzhen suffers so much grievance now, it is indeed your responsibility.”
Jiang Ning, who had never spoken, glanced at the rearview mirror.
Lin Yu turned her head hurriedly, “Jiang Ning, what are you talking about!”
“Because of your weakness, everyone in the Lin family despise you and dare to humiliate my mother and Yuzhen wantonly. They are women, but they have to bear so much. You really should feel ashamed.”

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