Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 391

After speaking, Jiang Ning hung up the phone, turned to Su Mei and said, “Mom, Yu Zhenxin has met a new friend. Should we take it to dinner at home in the evening?”
“new friend?”
Su Mei was pleasantly surprised. Lin Yuzhen has been busy working for his family all these years, so there is no time to make friends.
As a mother, she felt that she owed her daughter.
Hearing that Lin Yu really made friends, he nodded again and again: “Well, I’ll go shopping for groceries in a while and make some good ones for you!”
Jiang Ning nodded and left. Listening to Lin Yu’s description, it was not a problem at all.
But the other party is from Shenghai, which is quite close to the north.
The development of the southeast region is now proceeding according to the Lin Group’s progress. The Yang family was destroyed, and the Jianzhou underground circle was also destroyed. It will take some time to re-establish order.
Huang Yuming has taken someone over to do it.
Jiang Ning was not worried about this, nor was he so anxious.
Everything must always revolve around Lin’s development. After all, he had to train Lin Yuzhen to be better than that woman.
Now that people from Shenghai come over, that would be interesting.
In the Nature Club, Lin Yuzhen, who hung up the phone, still hasn’t recovered.
Lying on the side, Ye Qingwu was also stunned when he heard the voice from Jiang Ning in the microphone.
Just listening to Lin Yuzhen’s questioning tone, she clearly heard that she was nervous, and she also had a little worry about being scolded, but she did not expect that such a big trouble, Lin Yuzhen’s husband, the reason for her anger turned out to be because Lin Yuzhen remembered what he said wrong. !
What he said is that there is no one in the whole world who Lin Yu can’t afford!
This is so domineering!
Ye Qingwu turned her head and looked at Lin Yuzhen blankly: “Yuzhen, this, is this your husband?”
She felt a bit like a dream. She had seen many rich and powerful people, but no one had ever dare to say such arrogant things!
Lin Yuzhen was shocked and nodded gently.
It turned out that Jiang Ning was talking about the whole world. How could he remember it as Donghai? This is a stupid brain.
“Your husband, is the last name Zhang?”
Ye Qingwu asked curiously and nervously, “Arrogant?”
Lin Yuzhen reacted and couldn’t help laughing, “No, his surname is Jiang, Jiang Ning!”
When she heard Jiang Ning’s tone, she knew that this matter must be okay.
She was a little worried just now, and now it seems that there is no need to be afraid.
Lin Yu really relaxed, and Ye Qingwu’s nervous mood was also diminished a lot.
She was suddenly curious about what kind of person Lin Yu’s real husband, Jiang Ning, was.
At that time.
Donghai International Airport!
Several people got off the plane, their faces gloomy.
The headed man, with a scar on his brow, said to the phone: “Shao Shao, it has been located! Her mobile phone is not moving anymore.”
On the other side of the phone, on Su Mingquan’s face, there was still a trace of scratches on his nails, and those eyes were full of anger.
“Bring me this bitch, I will kill her alive!”
He gritted his teeth and shouted.
“Shao Shao, this East China Sea rumor is a forbidden place. You can’t make trouble. Su Shao needs someone to say hello?”
The name of the forbidden area in the East China Sea has been spread out. It is very famous in the southeast region, and even people over Shenghai have heard of it.
“Forbidden area? Shit!”
Su Mingquan didn’t care at all. In a small town, he still shouted out what forbidden places to deceive people in the southeast area. He still dare to put on a pretension in front of an international giant like Shenghai?
His Su family has never put the so-called forbidden land in his eyes!

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