Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 473

Before he finished speaking, Zuo Tian stepped on Liu Xiaodao’s bloody calf.
Suddenly, the screams tore through the sky!
In the middle of the night, it looked like a ghost, and people couldn’t help their scalp tingling after hearing it.
Zuo Tian did not relax, his feet were so powerful that he almost crushed Liu Xiaodao’s leg bones!
Liu Xiaodao trembled all over, but he couldn’t get rid of it. The big beads of sweat continued to roll down from his forehead.
He was breathing quickly, his complexion flushed, and his pores opened in pain!
“I ask, you answer.”
Zuo Tiansen said coldly, “If you dare to lie to me, I will crush your bones one by one!”
Just listening to these words made people panic.
What kind of pain is it to smash the bones in pieces?
Liu Xiaodao couldn’t imagine it at all!
“kill me!”
He shouted, “You have the ability to kill me! Kill me!”
Suddenly Zuo Tian forced his foot and clicked. Liu Xiaodao’s left leg and calf were directly squashed. The sound of broken bones made people’s skin stiff.
The scream, tearing through the night again!
Zuo Tianxia is ruthless, there is no hesitation!
“I said… I said!”
Liu Xiaodao couldn’t help it anymore.
He was clutching his leg, and the veins violently violent on his neck.
He just wanted to hold on for a while to make others believe that the name he waited for was true, not to lie to them.
But now, he couldn’t hold on anymore. How could he endure this kind of pain.
“Let’s talk, who instigated you to kill me Zuo Jia Zuo Sizhe!”
Zuo Tian burst into a drink.
“Yes… it’s Jiangning of the East China Sea!”
Just after Liu Xiaodao finished speaking, Zuo Tian kicked Liu Xiaodao’s right calf again and squashed it again!
Liu Xiaodao jerked his body abruptly, almost fainting.
What he said is true!
What is said is true!
It was Jiang Ning who made him muddy the water in the underground circle of Shenghai!
Zuo Tian squinted his eyes, turned his head and glanced at Su Bowu who was standing on the side, “Is it the Su family?”
“No, it’s not the Su family…”
Liu Xiaodao was very conscious. He wanted to faint, but the severe pain did not give him a chance to faint.
“It’s Jiangning! It’s Jiangning of the East China Sea!”
He was telling the truth!
“Dare to lie?”
Zuo Tian shook his head, “I am not satisfied with your answer.”
Liu Xiaodao’s head suddenly buzzed.
He immediately understood that Zuo Tian had the answer he wanted. No matter what he said, as long as it wasn’t the answer he wanted, it would be a lie.
Liu Xiaodao never expected that things would turn out to be like this.
He killed Su Mingquan and Zuo Sizhe, just to let the two families fight each other, and at the same time poured anger on Jiang Ning’s head.
He wants to cause all three parties to suffer heavy casualties!
But now, it was completely beyond his expectation.
Suddenly, he seemed to react, Jiang Ning must have guessed his thoughts a long time ago!
“No, it’s not the Su family…”
Liu Xiaodao looked at Su Bowu desperately. He dare to say that it was the Su family. In that moment, he would be better off than life!
“It’s not the Su family, is it my Zuo family?”
Zuo Tian said again.
“No, it’s not the Zuo family…” Liu Xiaodao was weak, and shook his head, his face turned pale.
He was really desperate.
He originally thought that he could kill Jiang Ning secretly, but he didn’t expect that all of this was under Jiang Ning’s control, but it was out of his own consideration.
In his vision, he couldn’t see these things at all.
“Is it the Zuo family? You can make it clear!”
Subowu spoke.
He stared at Liu Xiaodao, “Who is it that told you to betray the Su family and let you kill Su Mingquan!”
Liu Xiaodao gave a sorrowful smile, looking at the two masters, his eyes filled with despair.
“It’s the Zuo family, it’s the Zuo family!”
He yelled suddenly, as if going crazy.
Since there is no way to kill Jiang Ning, let the Su Family and Zuo Family fight each other!
“It’s Zuo Jia!”
He yelled, “It was Zuo Sizhe who asked me to kill Su Mingquan. He promised to give me ten million, but he lied to me, so I killed Zuo Sizhe too!”

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