Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 521

The employees of the entire company only know that the real boss of this company is Jiang. Everyone calls Mr. Jiang, but few people know Jiang Ning’s name.
All I know is that this real boss is a good person. He gave everyone a salary increase and a series of benefits. Several colleagues who originally wanted to change jobs are now working hard and don’t want to leave.
Wang Wei rolled his eyes.
This secretary actually threatened himself with Jiang Ning’s words.
But Jiang Ning did say this, and Wang Wei naturally had to listen.
“Let’s go, I’ll go out and see you.”
Wang Wei got up and walked outside, Qin Mu was still kneeling.
Seeing Wang Wei walked out, he immediately wanted to stand up, but his legs were numb and he couldn’t stand up for a while.
“President Wang! President Wang!”
Qin Mu smiled, his face full of flattering and flattering smiles, “I finally saw Mr. Wang!”
“Qin Shao is polite, why don’t you call me Xiao Wang?”
Wang Wei smiled and said.
“Don’t dare!”
Qin Mu paled with fright, “Mr. Wang is joking, Mr. Wang is so humorous!”
“Shao Qin, isn’t it cold on the ground? Why don’t you sit down?”
Wang Wei turned his head and glanced at the secretary, pretending to behave, “What kind of hospitality is this? I don’t know that Shao Qin is a famous person in Shenghai?”
“I don’t know that he is Gao Cheng’s friend? How dare to neglect the distinguished guests like this!”
“Oh, by the way, who is Gao Cheng? I have never heard of it. Is it great? Qin Shao can recommend me?”
Qin Mu became more afraid as he listened.
Wang Wei is trying to kill himself!
“It has nothing to do with the secretary! It’s me! It’s me who likes to kneel on the ground, cool! Cool!”
Qin Mu quickly said.
He doesn’t dare to offend Wang Wei again. He doesn’t dare to offend anyone in this company, even the girl at the front desk, he wouldn’t dare to say a word too much when he killed him.
“Oh, Shao Qin has such a hobby, then you can kneel, I will leave when I get off work.”
Wang Wei was about to leave. Qin Mu could care about the others. He didn’t know where he was, so he rushed up, holding Wang Wei’s leg, crying.
“President Wang! President Wang!”
“I was wrong! I knew it was wrong, your lord does not remember the villain, please spare me? I really know that I was wrong!”
“I will return the tickets to you, I am not eligible to have these tickets!”
“I’ll kowtow to you, I’m begging you! Give me a fart!”
Qin Mu held Wang Wei’s leg and didn’t let go. He knew that Wang Wei was gone today, and he would have to disappear completely from Shenghai tomorrow.
“What is Qin Shao doing, isn’t it just ten tickets? I seem to have said that it is not easy to get the tickets sent out. Qin Shao confirmed with me.”
Qin Mu really wanted to find a hole to go in now.
“I, I forgot to pay! I bought the ticket from Mr. Wang! I forgot to pay!”
Qin Mu had a clever move, asking for the tickets for the act of seeking death, but he bought it, he bought it!
“I’m here to pay, yes, yes, I’m here to pay!”
Wang Wei smiled.
This Qin Mu’s mind is still clever.
“Really? Qin Shao has a bad memory. It turned out to be a ticket. I thought you wanted to ask for it directly.”
“No, no, no! I buy a ticket! My ticket! I pay immediately, I pay immediately!”
Wang Wei turned his head and glanced at the secretary: “Look at what price Qin Shao’s tickets are, and settle the bill for him.”
The secretary took a look at it with no anger: “It’s all VIP seats, one hundred thousand.”
Qin Mu took a deep breath. Ten concert tickets cost one million?
Isn’t this a fucking grab!
“Is it too expensive?”
Wang Wei glanced at Qin Mu.
“It’s not expensive, it’s not expensive! Miss Ye Qingwu’s concert is still a VIP seat. The price is cheap! It’s cheaper! It’s simply not possible to reflect Miss Ye Qingwu’s status in the music scene!”
Qin Mu’s head shook like a rattle, “The price must be increased! The price must be increased!”
“One sheet, two hundred thousand!”
He stood up against the wall, and quickly took out the bank card from his body, “Miss Secretary, please swipe the card for me, swipe the card right away!”

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