Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 524

“That’s it, Mr. Jiang, I heard that you have come to Shenghai, so I arranged a reception to welcome Mr. Jiang.”
“No need.”
Jiang Ning shook his head, “I don’t like this kind of occasion.”
Gao Yali had expected it a long time ago.
“This is only one aspect, and there is another aspect. I know that the Lin Group has plans to enter Shenghai recently. Therefore, I still invited Shenghai entrepreneurs large and small, hoping to open up some contacts for the Lin Group. .”
Jiang Ning raised his head and stared at Gao Yali.
“You are such a smart woman.”
He never told Gao Yali about the relationship between the Lin Group and himself.
However, Gao Yali guessed from the clues that the Lin group had a lot to do with him.
Otherwise, with her temper, it is impossible for Gao Yali to not know that she has no interest in those so-called cocktail parties and boring welcome ceremonies.
This reception is basically for the Lin Group.
“The changes in the underground circles of the East China Sea and the sudden rise of the Lin family seems to be a coincidence.”
Gao Yali took a deep breath, “Jianzhou Yang family was destroyed, and the new products of the Lin Group soon entered the market. Then, Mr. Jiang arrived in Shenghai. The next market plan of the Lin Group should be Shenghai.”
Gao Yali did not dare to be proud of a smart woman praised by Jiangning.
She didn’t even know whether there was a trace of murderous in Jiang Ning’s tone!
“Well, the Lin Group is my wife’s company.”
Jiang Ning chuckled lightly, and Gao Yali’s heart was suddenly relieved by this smile.
Fortunately, he was not angry.
“Thank you.”
Jiang Ning said, “She is worried about how to open Shenghai’s market and wants to know more of her peers.”
Gao Yali was flattered, Jiang Ning thanked herself?
She immediately stood up: “You’re welcome, this is what I should do. Mr. Jiang has no repayment for the kindness of the Gao family, but Yali has nothing to do with it, only…”
Su Yun, who was sitting on the side, suddenly turned his head and said with a serious expression: “Sister, it’s impossible to agree with your body, my brother-in-law is married.”
Gao Yali was startled, she didn’t dare to say this!
Although she had thought so in her heart.
“Watch your cartoon!”
Jiang Ning glared at Su Yun, the little girl’s film, as expected, was still mature, which was unacceptable.
Gao Yali was still a little confused. She never thought that Jiang Ning still had this side. She was a little dazed, and immediately reacted, took out the invitation letter from her bag and handed it to Jiang Ning.
“Then I will wait for Mr. Jiang and Mrs. Jiang to arrive!”
Gao Yali lowered her head slightly and said respectfully.
After speaking, she backed out and walked to the door. She turned her head to look at Su Yun again: “Little sister wants to go, just follow your brother-in-law. I will prepare a gift for you.”
“Thank you sister.”
Su Yun chuckled. It seemed that his provincial legend still had a bit of face.
When Gao Yali left, Su Yun immediately rushed to Jiang Ning. Those eyes, as if they were censoring a prisoner, stared at Jiang Ning, not speaking, just looking at him.
“What are you doing.”
Jiang Ning hummed, “Legend of the provincial capital, what advice can you give?”
“Who is this person?”
Su Yun glanced at the closed door of the study, “Does my sister know? Brother-in-law, you are playing with fire!”
Jiang Ning had the urge to punch Su Yun with a punch.
What kind of fire?
“It’s normal for a man to be bothered, especially a powerful man. The red flag at home doesn’t fall, and the colorful flags are fluttering outside. I know all of this.”
Su Yun’s expression on his face was serious and earnest, and he lowered his voice, “But if you let her know about my sister’s character and temper, she would be very sad.”

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