Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 561

He was a little worried, could he be able to hold on only with the two of them.
As long as Jiang Ning gives an order, they will immediately rush over. With them, the Song family can’t ask for it!
“This Shenghai is not home.”
Jiang Ning said lightly, “I can’t put too much energy on this side, do you understand?”
Old Ba and the others nodded.
Jiang Ning’s meaning couldn’t be more obvious. Shenghai’s underground circle is now handed over to the Gao family, and they should have the ability to control this place.
Otherwise, what use does Jiang Ning want them to do?
“Don’t worry, you don’t believe in the Gao family, but you must believe in Agou.”
Jiang Ning smiled, without paying attention, waved his hand, “Busy you go.”
Lao Ba and several people retired.
At that time.
Several figures flashed by quickly, standing at the gate of the Gao family compound.
Qin Kangsen, who took the lead, had a murderous look on his face.
“Tonight, let the Gao family completely disappear from this world!”
With a violent kick, he slammed the gate, and with a bang, the gate of the Gao family compound was directly knocked down by him!
He wanted to be so high-profile, to let everyone know that the Gao family was destroyed by their Song family!
This underground circle of Shenghai has always belonged to Shenghai. Apart from that, no one can think of being able to control it completely.
Several people rushed in, but stopped abruptly.
In the yard, there were a dozen people standing long ago.
The leader is Gou Ge!
“It’s so slow.”
Brother Gou sneered and pointed his finger at Qin Kangsen on the opposite side, “You! Come and die!”
Qin Kangsen squinted his eyes. He didn’t expect that the Gao family had already prepared, but so what?
At a glance, except for Gao Bin, and the dog brother who doesn’t seem to be strong in front of him, everyone else is completely vulnerable.
“Blubbering is meaningless. The Gao family is not qualified to control the underground circle of Shenghai. Today, let you disappear!”
Qin Kangsen gave an order, and several people behind him immediately rushed out, and he rushed directly to Brother Gou!
“Gao Bin!”
Brother Gou screamed, Gao Bin shot at the same time, holding the iron rod tightly with both hands, went crazy in an instant, and smashed at Qin Kangsen fiercely!
Two iron rods, like a vortex, Qin Kangsen didn’t dare to get close. With Gao Bin’s brute force, if he was hit, he would definitely be injured.
Gao Bin stopped Qin Kangsen!
On the other hand, Brother Gou was so fast that he took a dozen people from the Gao family and immediately changed his body shape.
Brother Gou is at the forefront, “Kill!”
With his roar, it seemed an instant that more than a dozen people formed a whole, and this roar made all the people boil with blood!
Everyone yelled in unison, the momentum was like a rainbow!
Several people in the Song family couldn’t help shaking their bodies, with a terrifying aura.
The two sides slammed into each other, and a fierce battle broke out all at once!
Brother Gou takes the lead. This change in battle formation technique is based on his own understanding. He treats himself as a spear and other people as a shield. As long as they block the first wave of impact, it is when they break out the ultimate move!
More than a dozen members of the Gao family, their faces are full of meaninglessness, and they regard death as home, without any step back.
In a collision, many people were injured and blood spattered, but they withstood it!
Soon, a dozen people shouted in unison again.
Just this momentum shook the Song family and became hesitant.
Brother Dog, moved!

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