Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 598

In the meeting room, it became quiet again.
They all understood what Lin Yuzhen said.
Who will be satisfied?
They are even angry and unwilling, and some people have resisted the same, but what happened?
All ended in failure.
Even Mr. He, who has been in the industry for more than 30 years, still failed to do it, and had to retire with regret.
Now Lin Yu really does what she says, she is just doing it, she can’t succeed!
“Even if it is leftovers, it can at least make us eat three points full. If you want to go your own way, those giant brands will not let you go easily. They will immediately start to push the new products of the Lin Group into the abyss! ”
One of them shouted angrily, “You Lin Group can afford to lose, but I can’t afford to lose!”
“Since you want to persist, I must cancel this cooperation!”
After speaking, the man stood up, with a disappointed expression on his face, and left the meeting room directly.
“In this case, we can’t cooperate, Miss Gao, President Lin, please forgive me.”
“Sorry, we can’t take risks with you, we just want to make money.”
One by one got up and left the meeting room. In just a few minutes, there were only five channel dealers left in the meeting room.
They sat there, thinking, hesitating.
Because of this decision, they may be dead forever!
“Mr. Lin, sorry.”
In the end, the five people stood up, looked at each other, and shook their heads, “I hope Mr. Lin can think about it again and don’t make the wrong decision just because he is young.”
The meeting room is empty.
There are more than a dozen partners, and none of them are left at the moment.
There is no doubt that they really have no confidence in Lin Yu, and even think that Lin Yuzhen’s move is undoubtedly seeking his own death.
Obviously, the great situation was ruined, the money was thrown into the sea, and it was squandered.
They collectively said that they would terminate the contract and dissolve all cooperative relations, in order to put real pressure on Lin Yu and make her realize the reality.
What is reality?
Making money is reality!
Must things that can make money be wasted in vain?
What to do with those thankless things.
Everyone knows the need to have their own domestic industry standards, but it is too difficult to achieve this, at least for them, it is simply impossible to accomplish.
Instead of wasting time and energy to do it, it is better to make some money safely, even if it is to pick up some leftovers from the mouth of others, so what?
It’s a little bit to earn a little!
They know that young people have dreams and want to do a big business, but Lin Yu is really a young man after all. It is unrealistic to dream of this kind of thing, and people want to return to reality after all.
They believed that Lin Yu would really succumb.
At this moment, only Lin Yuzhen, Jiang Ning and Gao Yali were left in the conference room, as well as a few executives from the Lin Group.
She was still standing there, looking at the cooperator’s seat, empty and silent.
Jiang Ning did not speak for comfort, this was Lin Yuzhen’s own choice, and she needed to continue to persevere.
And he will always be a firm supporter behind her, as long as Lin Yu really wants to do it, he will support it to the end.
“Mr. Lin,”
An executive said, “Shall we continue to do this?”
Lin Yuzhen barely hesitated, and said directly, “This matter is fixed and must be done. We can’t give up immediately because of resistance.”
“As long as this can be done, then the Lin Group can transform and have the opportunity to become a truly large enterprise and make our own brand!”
She firmly said, “I believe there can be no mistakes in this path!”

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