Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 624

“The air conditioner is turned on?”
Su Mei came in carrying the vegetables, as if feeling the temperature in the room was a little low, she couldn’t help but shudder.
She looked up and found that the central air conditioner was not turned on, and she was surprised.
“Jiangning, the weather is hot, so I dare not just blow to the air conditioner, because it is easy to get air conditioner disease, you know.”
Jiang Ning turned his head, his face returned to normal, and hurriedly smiled: “I see, Mom.”
“Tonight, what shall we eat?”
“What do you want to eat?”
“Sweet and sour pork ribs, but Yuzhen said she wanted to eat boiled fish.”
“Then sweet and sour pork ribs!”
Su Mei seemed to automatically ignore the second half of Jiang Ning’s sentence, and went into the kitchen to make preparations.
Jiang Ning resumed his lazy posture again, with a grape in one hand, and continued to watch TV leisurely.
at the same time.
North Hill!
This is the birthplace of Twelve-Route Tan Leg in the Northern Leg School.
Even if there is no former Jianghu sect, the founders have long been in business and official careers, just like ordinary people.
But here, the status of the Tan family is beyond doubt.
The entire Tan family has eight branches!
The clan-based family, the one who has the most power to speak, is naturally the contemporary twelve-way Tan leg generation master, Tan Xing!
Even in the north, Tan Xing’s name is well-known, as strong as Ye Xinhuo, and in front of Tan Xing, he must respectfully call his eldest brother. In the arena, Tan Xing is very famous!
I don’t know how many families with surnames want him to sit down, but Tan Xing never pays attention to it, he doesn’t like it.
As a veteran, he looks down on those who are in the position of money and power. People who practice martial arts must have their own arrogance!
People like Tan Feng who have corrupted the reputation of Twelve-Route Tan’s legs are very disgusting, and he has even issued a warning to expel Tan Feng from the Tan family tree!
But Tan Feng is dead.
Someone sent the news back to Beishan, saying that Tan Feng died in Shenghai. He was killed by conspiracy and trickery. He died together, and there were three other master-level masters!
The Tan Clan Ancestral Hall was full of crying.
Everyone in Tan Feng’s line knelt on the ground at this moment, crying loudly.
“Tan Zu, you have to call the shots for us!”
“Tan Feng was killed by an adulterer, he died unjustly!”
“Those villains, use conspiracy and tricks to kill him, Tan Zu, you want to avenge him!”
Several people were crying, crying and shouting.
Tan Xing half-closed his eyes, there was no expression on his face, but the anger in his heart gradually burned.
He doesn’t like Tan Feng, and even hates him.
Even if Tan Feng is extremely talented, he has the power of a master in his forties, but he is obsessed with money status, and even does something that goes against the morals of the world.
Tan Xing wanted to make a shot himself several times, which wasted his effort!
But now, Tan Feng is dead!
No matter how bad Tan Feng’s behavior is, he is a member of his Tan family, and he is in the blood of the Tan family. If he wants to kill or fight, only Tan Xing is qualified. Other people, who dares?
Not to mention, the other party killed Tan Feng with a treacherous trick!
If Tan Feng is going to compete in an upright manner, Tan Feng will die when he is dead. That is because his skills are not as good as others. He deserves it, but if it is by despicable means…
That is a provocation to the Tan family!
“Tan Zu! You have to be the master for us!”
“Avenge Tan Feng, he is the master of my Tan family, how could he die outside…”
“Tan Zu, Tan Zu, listen to it!”
A cry of tears echoed throughout the ancestral hall.
The people in the other branches around also kept calm and said nothing.
They all knew that Tan Feng’s personality was not to be liked by Tan Xing, even if he was talented.
But now, what is losing is the reputation of the entire Tan family. Tan Feng is dead and he cannot be held accountable. Naturally, he must seek justice from the person who killed Tan Feng!
“All right.”
Tan Xing slowly opened his eyes, and with only one word, the people in the ancestral hall immediately stopped crying and dared not make any more noise.
“Tell me to the East China Sea,”
Tan Xing said, “I only give the murderer three days. Within three days, come to my Beishan and go to my door to plead guilty. Otherwise, I will go to the East China Sea myself.”

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