Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 63

Lin Feng’s face was red, and Jiang Ning even dared to beat himself in front of several of his distinguished guests.
Because of Lin Yuzhen’s establishment of the new Lin family, Lin Feng and his son were so angry that they did not eat for several days and nights.
Especially the old man is still having a stroke, and the Lin family is in a mess.
I wanted to accompany the young masters who came from these provincial cities to have fun, hoping to make friends with the family behind them, so that the Lin family might be able to develop in the provincial capital.
Unexpectedly, you can meet Jiang Ning this couple of dogs when you eat here!
“Your Excellency is too arrogant.”
One person stepped forward, supporting Lin Feng, frowning slightly, but his eyes were staring at Lin Yuzhen, without moving half a minute.
“Everyone is a gentleman, so you can do it casually. Isn’t it too unqualified?”
After Jin Ran finished speaking, he changed to a smile on his face, and said to Lin Yuzhen: “Hello, my name is Jin Ran, I belong to the Jin family of the provincial capital, you are Lin Yuzhen?”
He heard Lin Feng say that there is a cousin named Lin Yuzhen who is very beautiful.
He didn’t believe it, but when he saw it with his own eyes, he suddenly had an urge to win!
Even if Lin Yuzhen’s husband is right in front of him, he doesn’t care at all.
“Sao Jin, be careful, this guy is neurotic, he will hit people casually as soon as he becomes ill.”
Lin Feng gritted his teeth, annoyed.
There was a fiery pain on his face, I am afraid it was another five finger prints.
Jin Ran looked like a gentleman and didn’t seem to put Jiang Ning in his eyes at all.
Lin Feng told him that Jiang Ning and Lin Yu are really just formal couples, and Lin Yu really can’t let Jiang Ning touch her, so that Lin Yuzhen is still a virgin now.
Jin Ran is even more interested.
“Miss Lin, if you need it, I can help you get rid of this neurotic entanglement.”
Jin Ran said high up, “As for the conflict between you and the Lin family, I can also help you mediate. I think the Lin family should still give me a face for the Jin family.”
After speaking, he turned to look at Lin Feng.
“Yes, yes, if Young Master Jin speaks, then my Lin family will definitely give this face.”
Jin Ran looked at Lin Yuzhen triumphantly, and waited for Lin Yuzhen to agree.
“Are you sick?”
Unexpectedly, Lin Yu really frowned and said directly, “If you are sick, go to the doctor.”
“what did you say?”
Jin Ran’s face sank.
He hadn’t seen a woman who didn’t know how to promote her.
Does he want any woman?
Now that Lin Yu was given a real chance, she didn’t even cherish it!
“Are you deaf? You seem to be unclearly ill.”
Jiang Ning shook his head directly, “Okay, we are going to eat, you guys get out quickly, lest it affect our appetite.”
After that, he didn’t bother to pay attention to these ants, and led Lin Yu to go.
Jin Ran directly stretched out his hand to stop the two of Jiang Ning, a coldness flashed across his face.
“Never, no one dared to refuse me!”
Jin Ran stared at Lin Yuzhen, “I will give you the last chance to stay with me for a day, otherwise…”
He didn’t finish his words, and Jiang Ning slapped again, sinking vigorously!
Much more cruel than Lin Feng!
Jin Ran let out a scream, his whole person suddenly turned out and fell to the ground, looking at Jiang Ning in disbelief.
Jiang Ning dared to beat him!
Even Jiang Ning could hit him!
Jin Ran has studied Taekwondo, his rank is not low, and there is no pressure in one-on-three, but Jiangning hit him, and he didn’t even have time to react, and his face felt hot.
“Say such things to my wife, and die!”
Jiang Ning’s face sank, revealing a cold murderous intent, without concealing it!
The pressure of horror swept like a tide in an instant, causing Jin Rangang to open his mouth and want to curse, abruptly holding back.
too frightening!
This is truly murderous!
He can ignore these ants, but if they climb on the back of their feet and disturb themselves, then don’t blame yourself for lifting your feet and trample them to death!
Lin Feng trembled, “Do you dare to beat the Jin family!”
“Being an eye-catcher here again, it’s not just as simple as hitting you!”

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