Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 65

Thinking of this, Yu Fang had a touch of pride on his face.
He has never been able to see a dude like Jin Ran, only eating, drinking and playing with women. If it were not for the strong foundation of the Jin family, he would have to be defeated sooner or later, but he had to give him ten years. He was confident that the Yu family would surpass the Jin family!
Jin Ran returned to the hotel and called immediately.
“Yes, let them all come over! I’m going to kill one person!”
Jin Ran angrily said, “Immediately! Get out of me at the fastest speed!”
He hung up the phone with a snap, the five fingerprints on his face still did not fade.
“Young Master Jin, will it make things worse?”
Lin Feng cautiously said, “This Jiang Ning is neurotic, and he will die if he is killed, but he has something to do with Huang Yuming.”
“Huang Yuming? He counts as a fart!”
Jin Ran disdainfully said, “In the eyes of our provincial capital, what is the difference between you people in the East China Sea and the ants?”
“Didn’t they form a new Lin family? I will let them go bankrupt immediately!”
To his Jin family, this is nothing at all.
Hearing this, Lin Feng was overjoyed and quickly added fuel and jealousy.
“Young Master Jin, when they are desperate, Lin Yu will really climb onto Young Master Jin’s bed.”
Lin Yu’s real appearance immediately appeared in Jin Ran’s mind.
The stinky woman dared to refuse her, and when she knelt in front of her and screamed, she would dare not!
At that time.
Jiang Ning and Lin Yuzhen were eating at the Jinyu Restaurant.
Lin Yu was really embarrassed to see that Jiang Ning hadn’t eaten anything, but just stared at himself.
“Why are you looking at me all the time.”
Lin Yu really blushed, “Hurry up and go back to work after eating.”
“I’m thinking, is it wrong to set up a new Lin family to make you so tired.”
Jiang Ning said, “I don’t want you to be too tired.”
“Jiang Ning.”
Lin Yuzhen put down the dishes, his face was full of seriousness, “I don’t make money, how can I return your favor?”
“No need to pay it back.”
Lin Yuzhen resolutely shook his head, “I must pay what I owe you. My mother told me that it can’t delay you. So, don’t be stressed. When the time is right, you want to dissolve the marriage contract. Just tell me. ”
She did not give Jiang Ning a chance to speak.
“I know you are rich, and you are not an ordinary person. I am really grateful that you can help our family, but I… don’t deserve you.”
Jiang Ning did not speak, still staring at Lin Yuzhen, and suddenly laughed.
The serious atmosphere was destroyed all at once.
“What are you laughing at!”
Lin Yuzhen’s face turned redder, she finally said so seriously.
“Nothing, I listen to what you say, but before that, you are still my wife,” Jiang Ning took a deep breath, “I will always protect you.”
Those eyes were full of tenderness, and Lin Yu was truly confused.
She hurriedly got up, avoiding Jiang Ning’s eyes: “I’m finished! Let’s go back to work!”
Sending Lin Yuzhen back to the company, Jiang Ning was sitting downstairs in the office of the Security Section.
Huang Yuming is here.
He also held an invitation letter in his hand.
“Brother, the person who came is not kind.”
Huang Yuming’s expression was serious and didn’t mean to be joking at all.
“I listened to your arrangement. I lost all those gray industries and was snatched away by a few big bosses. They thought they had made a profit. As a result, the thunder action above caused them heavy losses!
Not only the loss of money, but also a lot of people, including two high-ranking people, were arrested.
Now, they all think that this is a pit that Huang Yuming deliberately dug for them!
All the anger is counted on Huang Yuming’s head!
“They put this account on us,”
Huang Yuming handed the invitation letter to Jiang Ning, “Tonight, let me sit in the East Lake Tower.”
He didn’t know the bottom of his heart, that group of people would definitely not be polite to him, they were all aimed at revenge.
“Are you scared?”
Jiang Ning stared at Huang Yuming without reading the invitation letter.

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